Tenoch Huerta attacked Mexican soap operas: “They have nothing to offer me”

Tenoch Huerta who is one of the great Mexican actors of today and who is also known for being a key promoter of the anti-racist cause in Mexicooffered an interview for a Mexican portal where he spoke in detail about his convictions, his ideals and with surprise delved into his distaste for Mexican soap operas.

Through his Twitter account, the 41-year-old actor shared his interview for the Mexican portal Footerbut when it comes to giving retweet He ironized the publication with what he declared: “I don’t like soap operas, I feel that, in terms of talent, stories, narrative, they have nothing to offer me, and I have nothing to offer soap operas”, he stressed.

The also activist added ironically that, perhaps in the future he will be able to make a melodrama that goes hand in hand with his ideological convictions, as long as “hunger wins.””: “But don’t misunderstand me, in one of those something is done in which my talent and actor profile fit or simply earn my hunger”, wrote the actor who gave life to Rafael Caro Quintero in the series produced by Netflix, Narcos Mexico.

Tenoch Huerta attacked Mexican novels Photo: Twitter/ @TenochHuerta
Tenoch Huerta attacked Mexican novels Photo: Twitter/ @TenochHuerta

This is not the first time that the actor born in Mexico City has attacked a melodramatic production. Recently, on February 23 Tenoch Huerta gave something to talk about again in his timeline when he asked Netflix Mexico stop making dark skin invisible.

“To all content producers in Mexico. ENOUGH of your speeches of whiteness, of making dark skin invisible. We are the majority but you are ashamed to live in a brown country, but the privileges they confer on you here do not bother you, right? Namor, The Submariner in the prequel to Black Panther from Marvel Studios.

The actor wrote the above endorsing the tweet of Laurel Mirandaactivist who participates in the campaign of tight powerin pursuit of putting on the public table the lack of inclusion and representation of brown people, the majority in our country, in mass entertainment content.

Tenoch Huerta attacked content producers in Mexico Photo: Twitter/@TenochHuerrta
Tenoch Huerta attacked content producers in Mexico Photo: Twitter/@TenochHuerrta

Tenoch Huerta’s annoyance arose when the popular content platform via streaming Netflix announced the production of new audiovisual products framed in the classic soap opera genre: Novels with N from Netflix and with the tagline “What a drama”.

Against this background, it was stated a digital initiative that puts the issue of racial inclusion and sociocultural in television productions, specifically those made by digital platforms.

After this, the actor who gave life to adam cross on Here in the earth took advantage of the trend in which he had positioned himself in mid-February to continue manifesting himself on his Twitter account with messages such as “With N for No more whiteness”, “N for No more racism”, and other slogans in which content companies were also labeled as hbo max and Amazon Prime.

Tenoch Huerta criticizes Netflix - dark power
Photos: EFE // Twitter@poderprieto_mx

Derived from his controversial opinions, Huerta has fueled the debate about racism in Mexico and caused this, on several occasions social networks place him in a trend to show your disgust or disagreement with what the interpreter is saying.

Delving into the debate, on November 23, 2021 when the actor Luis Fernando Penahe told in an edition of his program Extended version that he had suffered signs of classism in some of the productions in which he participated. Tenoch took the opportunity to show empathy with his colleague and spread some personal testimonies.


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