Tenoch Huerta celebrates possible Oscar nomination for his performance in Hijo de Reyes

Mexico. Through his social networks, the Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta celebrates because Hijo de Reyes (Son of Monarchs), a film in which he participates, She is on the list of those eligible for the 2022 Oscar Award.

Days ago the portal Deadline revealed the complete list of films eligible for Best Picture at the Oscar Awards, which will take place on March 27, and it highlights Son of Kings, starring Tenoch Huerta, Mexican activist and actor.

For this reason, Huerta, originally from CDMX (1981) and who has filmed tapes with Mexican, Spanish and American production, is happy on his social networks and he also makes fun of his haters, to whom he suggested to protest to the USA film academy.

Go the bear, we are eligible for the Oscar”, writes Tenoch on Twitter referring to the film Son of Kings, directed by Alexis Gambis.

The story of Hijo de Reyes unfolds around the Day of the Dead and Tenoch goes from being a boy with big dreams in a small town in Mexico, to a scientist studying Monarch butterflies, while trying to discover the meaning and meaning of life.

Hijo de Reyes won the award at the New American Cinema Competition at the Seattle International Film Festival and the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, where its director also received a nomination at the NEXT Innovator Awards.

Photo: Instagram@tenochhuerta

Tenoch is an actor who has grown a lot professionally in Mexico, has also filmed in other countries, and is said to be the new villain of the MCU in the sequel to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, although the famous actor has not wanted to talk about this. up to now.

Tenoch Huerta has prepared himself to shine as an actor; According to information in his biography, he studied acting with María Elena Saldaña and with other great teachers such as Carlos Torres Torrija and Luis Felipe Tovar, he also has a degree in Communication and Journalism from the Faculty of Higher Studies Aragón, belonging to the UNAM.

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Tenoch Huerta made his debut as an actor in 2006 in the Mexican film Así del Precipicio, and later appeared in others such as Déficit 2, La zona, Sin Nombre, El Inferno, Specter and Las Aparicio; apart from Son of Kings, the most recent films in which he has participated are Madres and Ráspala.

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