Tenoch Huerta strongly criticizes Mexican soap operas

the well-known actor Tenoch Huerta launches again a controversial messageon this occasion it was when sharing an interview where he confesses that he doesn’t like Mexican soap operas because they offer nothing new.

added that you don’t like for the talent, history and narrative that they usually have, as a final part of his criticism he said that he participates in a melodrama when there is one that goes with your actor profile or when “hunger wins”.

went through his twitter account that the actor caused controversy for the strong statements he madeand it is that Tenoch has been characterized by not reserving his thoughts on topics that interest you.

Tenoch also sent a strong message to producers like Netflix

The actor also sent a strong message to producers like Netflix The age of Tenoch Huerta

The interpreter asked to streaming platformslike Netflix, which were more inclusive when selecting the cast of their productions, for example, by including to people with dark skinsaid:

“To all content producers in Mexico. ENOUGH of speeches of whiteness, of making brown skin invisible”

orchard finished forcefully your message by typing:

“We are the majority, but you are ashamed to live in a brown country, but the privileges that are conferred here do not bother you, right?”

How old is Tenoch Huerta?

The age of Tenoch Huerta

The actor Tenoch Huerta Mejiabetter known as Tenoch Huertaat the moment he is 41 years oldwas born on January 29, 1981, in Mexico City.

Through AmericanPost.News We also inform you that Tenoch Huerta takes off his clothes and shows his fans a daring photo.

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