Tension at the graveside: Olivia Collins and Mónica Castañeda’s altercation at Julián Figueroa’s funeral

The "Ventaneando" host was looking for a statement from Maribel Guardia's friend when this altercation occurred.

During the last hours, the names of Olivia Collins and Mónica Castañeda have topped the trending lists on different social networks because both personalities had an intense fight in the middle of Julián Figueroa’s funeral, so this altercation has generated all kinds of opinions in digital platforms.

To begin to address the issue, it is essential to point out that, due to the close friendship that Olivia Collins has with Maribel Guardia, she was one of the first celebrities to arrive at the Costa Rican’s house to support her in the complicated moment she is going through. After a few hours, the famous actress left the place to prepare for the funeral that was held in complete privacy. During her return to the singer’s house, she had a rough encounter with the press.

The talented actress of “Albertano Contra Los Monstruos” arrived aboard a vehicle accompanied by her daughter and a third woman. However, they were forbidden access because there was no more space to park cars, so the actress was forced to walk in. However, as soon as she set foot on the ground, dozens of journalists rushed to her to seek a statement about the moment Maribel Guardia was living. Still, the soap opera star refused to speak to respect the discretion requested by her dear friend.

Among this group of journalists was the host of “Ventaneando,” Mónica Castañeda, who at all costs tried to get a statement from Olivia Collins, but the actress’ daughter stood in front of her to avoid it and at the same time helped her mom to get to the gate. However, it was here that both women faced each other and exchanged some pulls.

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“Hey, let me go, don’t pull me,” Pati Chapoy’s collaborator said. At the same time, Olivia Collins’ daughter only concentrated on hugging her mother and protecting her from the press. It was here where the 65-year-old actress issued a warning to the “Ventaneando” host: “Don’t mess with my daughter,” and according to journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, moments later, the actress’ daughter gave Mónica Castañeda the “Britney signal.”

Mónica Catañeda and Olivia Collins' daughter exchanged a few pulls. Photo: Special
Mónica Catañeda and Olivia Collins’ daughter exchanged a few pulls. Photo: Special

The video of the confrontation between Olivia Collins and her daughter and Mónica Castañeda went viral on social networks. It generated all kinds of opinions, as some Internet users defended the actress’s and her heiress’s actions, arguing that if they did not want to offer statements, it was to respect Maribel Guardia’s decision to handle everything about the death of her son with total secrecy. At the same time, another sector assured that the “Ventaneando” host was only doing her job, so there was no need to resort to violence.

After this confrontation, none of the parties involved offered statements. However, it is expected that in the next few hours, Monica Castañeda will talk about this embarrassing episode on “Ventaneando.”