Tension grows over deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine

grow the tension over deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine, European companies are already preparing for the impact that the Economic sanctions that European Union Y United StatesThey plan to impose on Russia if it attacks Ukraine, especially those that export to the country or depend on energy from Moscow and would be the most affected.

And it is that the Russian President Vladimir Putin, appears to be preparing to launch an invasion of Ukraine, with more than 100,000 soldiers positioned on its borders. The United States believes it will happen, and its President Joe Biden, has warned his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, that the attack could take place in February.

But Moscow denies that it is getting ready to enter the neighboring country and the intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. they remain a mystery.

Tension in countries due to the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine

The United States expects an attempted invasion of Ukraine in February

As we have mentioned in other informative notes from AmericanPost.News, geopolitical tensions are added to the problems of supply of raw materials, access to energy or high inflation as the most important challenges in the next two years for European companies, which also have the ecological and digital transitions pending.

The neighboring countries of Russia and those with closer ties to Moscow, the companies that export to the country or have activity in it and the sectors that depend on Russian energy, something that “to a certain extent directly or indirectly impacts everyone”, would be the main losers, according to Frieden.

It is expected that the financial sector would also suffer in particular, since capital flows are expected to be affected by sanctions whose details are not known, but which include cutting off Moscow’s access to financial markets and restricting its exports.

Russia, seeking a commitment from NATO that it will not expand to include Ukraine, has options short of a full invasion and other avenues to lash out at Washington and its allies. All of them carry different levels of risk, for Russia and for the world.

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