Teqroo admonishes the MC and Palazuelos for early campaign

The plenary session of the Electoral Court of Quintana Roo (Teqroo)determined admonish the political party Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) and, to his former gubernatorial candidate, Roberto Palazuelos Baeduxfor having incurred early campaign events; Long before initiate the internal process of this political organism.

The highest body of electoral justice in the entityin face-to-face public session, unanimously declared the existence of infractions committed by the so-called orange party and its then pre-candidate for the governorship, Palazuelos Badeux What early campaign events.

The Plenary of the Teqroo, manages to prove that both the Citizen Movement and its then candidate for the governorship, Roberto Palazuelos, carried out anticipated campaign acts

in agreement of the plenary, it is established that Roberto Palazuelos-Badeauxin quality of then pre-candidate for the governorship of the State of Quintana RooSo as if by guilt in vigilando -duty of care-, to the MC party, imposing a public reprimand to both.

the determination was taken, by solving the Special Sanctioning Procedure PES/005/2022who interposed Carlos Enrique Ruiz Dzul against Roberto Palazuelos-Badeauxfor alleged illegal advance campaign eventswhich They were already accredited before the authority.

The full determined the existence of conduct consisting of anticipated campaign acts attributed to then candidate for the governorship of the State of Quintana Rooas well as due to guilt in vigilando -duty of care-, to the MC, since of the documentary evidence in the file proves the dissemination of the image of the accused.

From the past February 11, AmericanPost.News announced that in a session of the General Council of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo (Ieqroo)I know justified, the display of billboards of the then pre-candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo, Palazuelos Badeux under the argument that they were part of his activities as an actor and outside of politics.

Nevertheless, in today’s sessionachievement accredit the personal, temporary and subjective elementswhich demonstrates various expressions of support or rejection of the candidacy for which it contended, in order to position itself by making specific proposals.

Similarly the Plenum of the Teqroo ordered to see the Technical Inspection Unit of the National Electoral Institute (INE)so that according to its powers determine what corresponds to the law.

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