Tequila Day: How to Order and Drink Tequila Like a Pro

To celebrate National Tequila Day we share with you some simple ways on how you can order and drink tequila like a pro at any restaurant or bar.

1. Choose the type of tequila

The first thing you should know is that there are two categories of tequila: Tequila 100% agave and Tequila. The first contains only sugars from the blue variety tequilana weber agave and the second has a mixture with other sugars in a portion not greater than 49%.

Many tequila lovers often recommend opting for 100% agave. “There is no wrong way to taste your tequila, as long as it is 100% agave,” Don Julio’s master distiller, Enrique de Colsa, told Food and Wine.

2. No ice

Casa Souza explains that, if the tequila cools, by lowering the temperature it can lose some of its flavor and smell characteristics. Although tequila has the versatility to be drunk in many ways, depending on the preferences of the consumer.

If you want it cold, you can place it in the fridge a few hours before consuming it.

3. Without lemon and salt

Many tequila connoisseurs point out that the way to drink tequila is to sip it neat. Without salt and lemon.

“Clean is always better, just take it in sips, just like a good scotch or whiskey”, advises José María Dondé Rangel, bartender at Cosme, in New York through Food and Wine.

To enjoy the aromas and flavors of tequila: shake the glass a little and perceive its aroma. Let it sit for a bit and smell it again before taking a small sip; let the tequila sit a bit on the tongue before swallowing. Continue drinking gently.

“Once you are used to it and know the taste, you can freely prepare it in a cocktail”adds Donde.

4. Choose the class or variety of your tequila

The classes of tequila are: Blanco (Silver), Joven (Gold), Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo.

White. 0-2 months of aging. Typically, these tequilas have citrus, floral, or pepper flavors. These tequilas usually have citrus, floral, or pepper flavors. Perfect for cocktails.
Young man. Result of the mixture of white with reposados, aged or extra aged.

Restful. 2-12 months of aging. Susceptible to be abocado (procedure to soften its flavor). These tequilas generally have a smooth flavor with notes of oak, honey and vanilla.

Old. 1-3 years of aging. Likely to be doomed. These tequilas typically have an oak wood flavor with hints of vanilla, prune, and honey with smoky notes of caramel.

Extra Aged. Susceptible to being doused, for at least three years in direct contact with the wood of oak or oak containers.

If you want a drink with flavor complexity, you may want to order a tequila that has been barrel-aged for at least a year.

Likely to be doomed.

5. If you want to mix the tequila, ask for a pre-made drink

If you’re not yet a tequila connoisseur and don’t want to drink it neat, you can play it safe and order certain mixes that pair well with the drink.such as margaritas or another tequila cocktail suggested on the menu.

Cantina Borracha points out that Mixing tequila with other mixes like soda can distract from the tequila’s flavor or lose its aroma.

6. Ask the bartender for recommendations

If you don’t know which tequila to choose, ask the bartender what he recommends for your tastes. The taste of tequila is related to the time of aging.

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