Terrible Morales called Dinamita Márquez “resentful” and defended the trajectory of Canelo Álvarez

Terrible Morales called Dinamita Márquez “resentful” and defended the trajectory of Canelo Álvarez

The ‘Terrible’ Morales made history in Mexican boxing.

Photo: Ernesto Pérez M. / Imago7

Recent statements by Juan Manuel ‘Dinamita’ Márquez over Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez caused an impact in Mexico due to their magnitude and Érik ‘Terrible’ Morales took part in the debate and did not hesitate to defend the current unified champion of the super middleweights.

Márquez launched a dynamite at Canelo’s career because he considers that he has not defended his titles against rivals of the kind that Julio César Chávez had. And to top it off, he hinted that Álvarez’s battles are made.

“There are many fighters who win the world championships like I did and like several did (…) fighting with the best, without having the rivals rehydration clauses, without reducing them, without telling them ‘you have to do this’, and that now I am side A, “he told Deplaymaker.

Érik ‘Terrible’ Morales responded sharply to Máquez’s words.

“If Canelo is going to be an idol or not to be an idol is a public decision, we boxers cannot decide who are the good guys or who are the bad guys, we all had a career administration for better or for worse, with minors or worst rivals. We all have something that made us jump a little more or we had something easier, “he told the newspaper. Record.

Regarding the aid that Canelo receives, he also left his whip to ‘Dynamite’: “It is a purely administrative issue, everyone knows, and he (Juan Manuel Márquez) also had that, he cannot complain.”

Called him resentful

Morales, the first Mexican champion in four different divisions (super bantamweight, featherweight, super featherweight and super lightweight), lived up to his nickname and hit a final ‘Terrible’ hook to Márquez’s statements believing that he is resentful of life.

“Obviously, Márquez’s career cost him a lot of work, but that does not mean that he has to detract from the work of others or the conditions or the effort or the easy or difficult way he can give him. We do not all have the same luck, nor do we run with the same blessing to do things ”.

“It is a question of time and it is necessary to accept it. I think Márquez is very resentful of life because of the statements he gives “, closed the one born in Tijuana, Baja California.

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