Tesla and the new of its karaoke inside the car

Tesla managed to surprise its users when launched its karaoke for carsnow put in the market your microphonewhich aims to give the user a more complete experience when singing.

This article is part of the software updates that the company has been carrying out, mainly motivated for chinese new yearwould cost approximately three thousand 873 pesos, or 188 dollars.

Tesla car brand released his karaoke on his V10 software in 2019, this new update he uses in Leishi KTV interface, intends to turn this function into a whole singing experience.

More about Tesla’s new microphone

The virtues of the new Tesla accessory The price of the cheapest Tesla

This new accessory from the Tesla company is designed to pair automatically with the car, it is equipped with sound modes to help singing enthusiasts who with its technology share your singing skills.

So far it has not been reported if it is possible to use this function while the person drivesbut it is very likely that it can only be used when the vehicle is parkedor, mainly while charging lto car battery.

What is the price of the cheapest Tesla?

The price of the cheapest Tesla

According to the type of prices that the Californian company usually has, currently the cheapest electric car in its range is the Tesla Cybertruckwhat in U.S part of a base price of $39,990.

In AmericanPost.News We also inform you that Tesla recalled almost 54 thousand cars because they could run stop signs.

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