Tesla Model 3 stars in fatal accident in Paris and 20 injured

Again a Tesla Model 3 was involved in a accident traffic. The most recent event was recorded in Paris where a taxi driver lost control and crashed the vehicle, leaving at least 20 injured and one person dead.

The events were recorded on December 11 when the vehicle was stopped at a red light when the vehicle accelerated strongly without presumably the driver stepping on the accelerator.

The event ignited the alerts among the authorities, because it is not the first time that an accident has been registered by the company’s autopilot system, a situation that led to the paralysis of the activity of at least 37 Model 3s in Paris.

Tesla responds to accident in Paris

According to the first reports, the accident was registered due to a possible failure in the vehicle, because the driver tested negative for alcohol and drugs after the events.

The driver explained to local media that in a desperate measure to reduce the severity of the incident, he tried to stop the vehicle hitting objects and other vehicles that were on the road. After a few minutes he managed to stop him, however in his wake he left more than 20 people injured.

Given the facts, Elon Musk’s company notified the French government that the vehicle does not present any fault or defect. Meanwhile, the authorities are investigating the reasons for the accident that left significant damage and a person lifeless.

How much does the Tesla Model 3 cost?

The autopilot mode has been involved in various accidents.

Model 3 is one of the most striking electric cars on the market due to its exterior design and its many technologies. The list price of Tesla Model 3 model 2021 ranges from 969,900 to 1,269,900 pesos. However, this model has been involved in various accidents in its autopilot mode, like the Tesla vehicle that crashed into a bus in London that we previously unveiled in AmericanPost.News.

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