Texas asks Biden for an emergency declaration in the face of immigration crisis

Texas asks Biden for an emergency declaration in the face of immigration crisis

Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked President Joe Biden for a declaration of an emergency in the state in the face of the immigration crisis in the border city of Del Rio, where hundreds of Haitians seeking asylum have gathered.

The Texas authority expressed the complicated situation in the region, as well as the “inability” on the part of the federal government to enforce immigration laws and detain people who cross the border illegally, according to the affiliate of NBC NEWS, for San Antonio.

In the governor’s letter, it is reiterated that border security is a “Federal responsibility”.

However, the governor revealed that in response to the current situation, “he has taken appropriate action under state law in directing the execution of the State Emergency Management Plan “.

Abbot said the greatly escalating tension stemming from the immigration conflict “poses life-threatening risks for the residents of Val Verde County.”

He also highlighted that police and health care resources They have been destined for immigrants settled in the Del Río area.

The governor called the crossing of the border between Texas and Mexico a “disaster”, for which he described as “serious” the situation that, for him, requires federal assistance to reduce this “Threat of disaster”.

Federal officials admit that it would be advancing in the management and resolution of the immigration crisis at the border.

For Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of National Security, the government increased the number of personnel in the area and there are hundreds of immigrants returning to their countries of origin.

“We are taking urgent humanitarian action with local, state and federal partners to reduce overcrowding and improve conditions for migrants on US soil,” Mayorkas said.

In addition, he commented on his concern regarding the possibility of an increase in Haitian immigrants in the territory related to a spread of false information” on the opening of the border.

“We are very concerned that Haitians who are taking this path of irregular immigration are receiving false information that the border is open or that they have a temporary protected status,” he concluded.