Texas man gives away baby formula amid alarming shortage

Benji Arslanovski has given away at least $6,000 worth of baby formula.


A Texas restaurant owner is giving away cans of baby formula to desperate parents struggling with an alarming shortage of the American-made food product.

The owner of Our Place in Mansfield, Benji Arslanovski, told Fox News that he used his contacts with a supplier to ship at least 56 boxes of Gerber Good Start formula to his food establishment.

As a good entrepreneur, Arslanovski initially wanted to sell the can at cost, but decided he couldn’t charge stressed parents looking for this important product for their children.

“The first lady who walked in was so happy to have a can that she just couldn’t carry it, and that had a spiraling effect,” Arslanovski said.

“I just couldn’t see myself accusing anyone,” the Texas man added. “I’m just trying to help feed some babies.”

Since the product boxes arrived at Our Place, Arslanovski has given away more than 300 cans of baby formula.

The Gerber Good Star formula retails for approximately $20, which means the owner has donated nearly $6,000 worth of product.

Likewise, the Good Samaritan says he is happy to help the hundreds of parents in need and said they are incredibly anxious about the lack of formulas, the New York Post reported.

“They go to the stores, there are empty shelves. So if we can give them another avenue to hold them until the supplies arrive, we feel good about it,” he said.

Last Wednesday, the American president, Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to promote the production of baby formula across the country, as supplies fell steeply by more than 40% in the last month.

The lack of this product is due to the closure in February of a Michigan manufacturing plant, after formulas made there were linked to the deaths of two babies, in addition to several reported illnesses. Therefore, three brands of the baby food were withdrawn from the market.

However, the Biden government is condemned for delaying and not acting sooner to get out of the latent crisis due to the shortage of baby formula.

The president had resisted using the Defense Production Act for a week, but pressure from Democrats and Republicans led him to invoke it.

At the time, the Donald Trump administration previously invoked this law, which allows federal interventions in private business decisions, to increase the manufacture of medical supplies for the covid-19 pandemic in its early days.

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