Texas prosecutor asked court to order Biden to resume border wall construction

The border wall was promoted during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Photo: John Moore / Getty Images

LOS ANGELES – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a joint motion with the state of Missouri on Tuesday asking a federal court to order the Administration of President Joe Biden to immediately resume construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

Paxton’s office said in a statement that the motion follows up on the lawsuit Paxton filed in October, which states that “the Biden Administration violated federal law by prohibiting the Department of Homeland Security from spending money that Congress had allocated to the border wall ”.

“The Biden Administration time and time again refuses to help Texans who face the border crisis every day. His response to this crisis is irresponsible, inhumane and inexcusable.”Paxton said, quoted in the statement.

He added that “the border wall approved by Congress will help law enforcement along the border and restore order to our state.”

“A physical wall is essential for border security, and I demand that President Biden do his part to keep Texas and the United States safe,” he said.

The motion requests the Southern District Court of Texas order the Biden Administration to immediately resume construction of the border wall started during the term of the now former President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

Last week, Governor Greg Abbott visited the city of Rio Grande to inaugurate the first phase of the wall that the Government of Texas intends to build.

“Texas is taking what really is unprecedented action: a state to build a wall on our border, to safeguard the sovereignty of our state and our nation,” Abbott declared at a news conference last Saturday.

Already this year there have been more than 1.2 million detained people crossing the border illegally“Abbott said, noting that the number did not include people who entered undetected.

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