Thalía and her children receive strong criticism because Lili Estefan exposes them

  • Sabrina and Matthew, children of Thalía and Tommy Mottola, were harshly criticized for not speaking Spanish.
  • Days ago, the mogul was awarded star number 2676 on the Hollywood Walk.
  • Lili Estefan interviewed Thalía’s children, and everything went wrong.

A few days ago, the star of Tommy Mottola, Thalía‘s husband, was revealed at an elegant event on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where her children Sabrina Sakaë and Matthew attended to be part of such a special moment for their father. Still, unfortunately, things didn’t go quite right.

Among the guests at this event were Emilio and Gloria Estefan, fans of Thalía and her husband, and the much loved Lili Estefan, best friend of the Mexican singer and very close to the couple for years.

However, when linking the program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ cameras, Lili Estefan wanted to interview Thalía’s children to express their feelings towards their father. Still, things did not turn out as well as expected.

‘La Flaca’ first interviewed Sabrina Sakaë, who was elegant with a black dress and her hair down. When congratulating her father, Tommy Mottola, and giving him a kiss and a hug, she was surprised by Lili Estefan.

“Sabrina, are you happy?” Lili Estefan asked the 12-year-old little girl, and she uncomfortably replied in English: “Yeah, I’m really happy (I’m very happy),” but immediately Tommy Mottola told her that spoke in Spanish, so the little almost adolescent got nervous.

“I’m happy … I’m just really happy …” Sabrina repeated while Tommy Mottola said “in Spanish” and Lili Estefan questioned her: “You’re very happy why?”, But Thalía’s daughter ignored the instructions from his dad and began to speak in English.

“Because it’s a very special day today, it’s a celebration (Because it’s a very special day, it’s a celebration),” assured the little girl. At the same time, Lili confronts her: “If we are all speaking in Spanish, why don’t you speak to me in Spanish? ? ” and Thalía’s daughter answers: “I’m fine,” to make ‘La Flaca’ laugh.

Although Thalía was not present at the time of the interview, Matthew, her other son, did, who only limited himself to saying: “What she said,” in clear mention of the words of his sister Sabrina, which provoked laughter from Lili Estefan and Tommy Mottola.

However, when he asked Tommy Mottola to speak in Spanish, the magnate did not speak much either, as he only limited himself to saying: “Thank you, I’m very happy.”

And as usual, people did not forgive this situation, and they all received strong criticism:

“Latinos are always dragged in the US and their countries of origin in chaos and misery,” “Thalia felt like if they gave her a star again, she stole the show from her husband,” “The children do not speak Spanish ????? Anyone would think that they are bilingual but no “,” He lives with a Latina and has not learned to speak any Spanish, this man could not say thank you, “And neither the children nor Spanish know Thalitrump does not teach them, what can be expected when neither their own country in Mexico takes them on vacation,” “ But how do the children of THALIA not speak Spanish? Why?” they commented.

But also, on other occasions, Thalía’s children have been exposed, and here we present them to you.

The popular application Tik Tok in which short videos are shared, mostly comedy and musicalized, reached Sabrina Sakaë, Thalía’s daughter and her famous mother, as they recorded images that did not go unnoticed.

The daughter of the Mexican celebrity has attracted attention for her particular beauty. Although she is still a minor, Thalía is in charge of making her ‘notice’ on her Instagram account, and this time she was no exception.

On the one hand, Thalía, who is already famous not only for her music and soap operas but also for comedians and ‘crazy’ videos on social networks, used her Instagram account to share a video of ‘Tik Tok’ where her daughter Sabrina appears Sakaë. She ignores her at all times while playing.

“Now stop playing, pay attention, we are going to pick up your shoes, wash those dishes too, if not, I’m going to hit you with a flip-flop,” is part of the song that Thalía appears singing with a broom and a towel on her head. At the same time, he dedicates it very gracefully to his daughter Sabrina, who does not pay attention to him because she is playing video games.

The first comments that appeared were: “Hahahaha !!! Super !!” “Divine,” ” Poor Sabrina,” ” Take away the Internet,” ” I love you,” “Crazy divine,” “I love your occurrences,” “All moms are the same,” “I don’t think ever you gave him a flip,” were the messages. At the same time, Sabrina Sakaë appeared with a serious face, undeterred by what Thalía was doing.

At 48 years old and with two children, Thalía continues to be an icon of beauty and pop culture among Hispanics.

The singer has more than 14 million followers on her Instagram profile, where she drives her fans crazy with the content she publishes.

On several occasions, she has been seen in photographs wearing a spectacular figure; in many others, she has shared her love for her husband, Tommy Mottola.

In the same way, Thalía’s children are a fundamental pillar in her life, and her fans have been able to verify this through the postcards that the singer publishes with them.

On this occasion, Matthew and Sabrina, their children, dazzled the networks and made discovered the inevitable among their mother’s fans.

However, what caused great controversy was a photo where Tommy Mottola is seen with Matthew.

That postcard proved that the singer’s little son looks more like her daily. “Matthew, the same face as his mommy,” a netizen commented at first.

“Matthew is Thalía. What a nice family, “wrote a second fan.

And another said: “What a family beauty, Thalía, your baby looks like you.”

As if it were a similar situation to the one that Lucero’s daughter lived through, now it is Sabrina Sakaë, daughter of Thalía and Tommy Mottola, who is the one who monopolizes the attention and criticism of the fans, as her physique received attacks.

Since Lucero and Mijares shared images and recordings of their daughter Lucerito, the teenager was harshly singled out on social networks for her peculiar style and way of dressing, calling her ‘ugly,’ ‘masculine,’ ‘not very graceful,’ and countless unfortunate adjectives.

Now, Sabrina Sakaë, Thalía’s eldest daughter, lives a similar experience because through a YouTube video uploaded to the account ‘Thalía’s gossip,’ the 11-year-old pre-adolescent appeared ‘disheveled,’ chewing gum and ‘bad talking ‘ Spanish.

In the compilation of videos of the YouTube account, it can be seen that it is Thalía who records Sabrina, who first appears hugging the famous singer, to later read in Spanish a congratulation on a gift they gave her. However, It is clear that the little girl’s first language is English because her pronunciation in Spanish is not very fluent.

Then, in another video, Sabrina appears disheveled, chewing gum, and very careless in her physical appearance, saying that she likes to go to Florida because it is ‘hot and there is no snow’, revealing that she prefers the temperate climate to the cold.

In the comments of the video, Sabrina Sakaë did quite badly: “The truth is, Thalia’s daughter is feíta,” “With that haircut, she looks more like Carmen Salinas‘s daughter than Thalía’s,” “Now children are not born with the surgeries of the moms,” “How scared it gave me. I thought it was Lucia Méndez or Ninel Conde,” “Well, just like Thalia de feita. I see photos of when I was a child and like that, little ear and little nose. What worries you if when you grow up, you can do surgery?” “Ugly little girl and just as hateful as the mother,” “The little girl is ugly,” “ With all due respect, but the baby doesn’t look almost anything like her mommy She is very fine and pretty, and the baby is like no.”