Thalía breaks the silence and says goodbye to her grandmother, Doña Eva Mange

On the night of this Friday, June 24, it was announced the death of Mrs. Eva Mangethe grandmother of Thalía and Laura Zapata, who was 104 years old.

Both artists confirmed the news on their networks with an obituary that said: “We regret the sensitive death of Doña Eva Mange Marquez. We officially communicate the sensitive farewell of our beloved grandmother, today June 24, 2022. We appreciate her understanding in this difficult time: see you always, beloved grandmother. Thank you for everything, thank you so much.”

To this message, Laura added: “My beloved grandmother Eva has already flown, have a good trip back to the house of the Lord, I love you and celebrate your new life”, while waiting for Thalía to pay tribute to her grandmother and finally she did. .

In a long writing along with a heartbreaking video that contains images of Eva Mange through the years at special moments in her life, the singer gave what would be her first words after the news of her unfortunate loss.

“My grandmother, I celebrate your beautiful passage through this land. You were strength until the last of your days. An immovable Titan. A Gladiator, a Praetorian who struggled to stand until the last hours of his life”


“Always, against all odds and you forged us warriors to face any adversity in life. You taught us that mischievous sense of humor and showed us how to resolve our emotions by singing and dancing. Fly free into the arms of our Blessed Father,” he expressed.

“Your daughter will be waiting for you too, (she told me yesterday at dawn between dreams). You are now free precious soul, there is no more pain, there is no more sorrow, that body was left behind, now you just ARE! May God our Father keep you in his arms, Evita ours. Here we will celebrate your wonderful life, my beautiful grandmother, and you will always be close to us 🤍 I love you, granny 🙏🏼🕊 I love you very, very much, ”she concluded.

As the video of more than two minutes runs, Thalía appears aboard a van having a video call conversation with Doña Eva to whom she repeats that she loves her.

The recording has so far obtained more than 300,000 reproductions and countless comments in which they give their condolences to the singer.

“I send you a hug full of affection! Blessings”, wrote the singer Napoleon. “My deepest condolences to you and your family for this unfortunate loss. I ask God to give you the strength to face this great pain”, “You are very lucky Thalia for having had your grandmother in life for so many years. Rest in Peace ”, express her fans.

Laura Zapata, for her part, turned to her networks again to make it known that this day her grandmother will say goodbye at the French Pantheon of Legaria at 10 in the morning (Mexico time) and, although access will be restricted to the media, she will give a press conference in which she will surely share more details about Mange’s death.

“An honor to have been with my wonderful grandmother in this transition into the light. Grandparents should never leave…she will be with us now in another way. But they will never leave us ”, was the message that she placed in her publication.

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