Thalía offers her help to the Latino community that is suffering from the floods in New York

Thalía offers her help to the Latino community that is suffering from the floods in New York
Thalía does not forget her origins and her home in Mexico City.

Thalia was one of the victims of stories flooding that were recorded in New York due to the passage of hurricane “Ida”, so in addition to showing some belongings that he lost, offered his help to the Latino community.

With a series of videos published in the stories of her official Instagram account, the Mexican actress and singer shared last Thursday that she was one of the victims of Hurricane Ida, for which her luxurious mansion ended up flooded, destroying furniture and belongings.

However, this Friday the actress was moved by misfortune through which thousands of people are passing, who lost their heritage and everything that water found in its path.

“Material things come and go and, as the word of God says, it is ‘vanity of vanities’. My heart and my feelings regret the terrible situation that thousands of families are experiencing due to these tremendous floods, and even more so to those who lost a loved one ”.

And along with a video in which he showed how the water swept away his luxurious shoe collection, makeup, Some CD’s and part of locker room that she uses in her showa, the 50-year-old artist reflected on the ease with which material things can be finished, but what really matters is what is built inside each person.

“In situations like this it is clear to us that the wealth that matters, is not the one of this world. The only wealth we have to seek is spiritual and the one we build day by day with our actions, with our love and our faith ”, he wrote at the bottom of the recording that registers more than 1 million reproductions.

In addition, he sympathized with those who are going through a bad time, especially with the latin community, so he did not hesitate to offer his help to those who require it.

“We have to get up and carry on, supporting each other by the hand. I know that many of our Latino brothers are struggling with this right now. What my help can do, please let me know. “

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