Thalía played a little joke on Romeo Santos


Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Thalía was visiting the New York Mets stadium and there she met again with Romeo Santos, the Dominican bachata singer and with whom he recorded the song “No, no, no” a few years ago.

The Mexican singer posted on her Instagram account, where she has more than 19.7 million followers, some images with the Latin singer-songwriter and played a little joke on him. Romeo thought that Thalia would take a picture and was posing for it. However, the Mexican was recording a video and she began to speak. It was there that Romeo Santos realized the situation and began to laugh. After that moment, he pointed out that he always falls for Thalía’s joke and they had a big hug with the Mets stadium in the background.

During her visit to the New York City team’s stadium, Thalía met the baseball players, visited the pitch and got a shirt with her name emblazoned on the back.

During the moment in which he shared with the Mets athletes, he recreated the viral challenge that he has right now in all trends with his song ‘Marimar’, which consists of making a person shout just at the moment that should be shouted in the song.

One of the baseball players who participated in the challenge was the Venezuelan Eduardo Escobar, and he did yell when Thalía squeezed him. On her Instagram account, the Mexican also shared the moment in which another member of the Mets participated with her in this TikTok challenge that has become very popular in recent days and with which she has been having a lot of fun.

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