Thalía reveals the two infallible exercises to increase the buttocks

Thalia She constantly shares tips and advice on her social networks that she applies herself to maintain her incredible figure and her well-known wasp waist that characterized her from the beginning.

On this occasion, he showed what are the two exercises that cannot be missing in his training routine to increase muscle mass in the buttocks. In addition to being quite simple, she ensures that they are efficient.

So if you are interested or interested in increasing the level of your buttocks, stay because here at American Post News we tell you what is the trick of the famous Thalia.

These are the two exercises that Thalía recommends to increase your buttocks

These are the exercises that Thalía recommends. Thalia suffers from this disease:

Thalia With her infarct body, she recently shared on her social networks what are the two exercises with which she increases her buttocks. A recommendation that her followers will appreciate from her because it has been proven by her that they do work.

The first exercise consists of sitting on a chair, very close to the edge, and two dumbbells with enough weight are placed on the thighs. Then, the legs are raised and the feet should remain as if they were on tiptoe.

The second requires a training machine that you can surely find in a gym. As seen in the image, you should pull weight with your hands and also stand up on your toes.

Both exercises should be done three times a week, in repetitions of 15 to three times a week. You can also include in your diet the three infallible foods in Thalia’s diet.

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What problems does Thalia have?

Thalia suffers from this disease:

Despite the fact that the renowned Thalía trains daily and has a good diet, she is not exempt from health problems and recently revealed that she suffered from Lyme disease that is contracted with the bite of a type of tick.

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