Thalía says goodbye to her grandmother Eva Mange with a shocking message: “You were strength until the last of your days”

The night of last June 24 Laura Zapata confirmed the death of Doña Eva Mange Márquez through their social networks. Hours later, Thalía shared a moving video that she accompanied with a farewell message to his 104-year-old grandmother.

It was through her Instagram account, where the Mexican singer and actress shared a shocking video with which she recalled some of the great moments she lived with her beloved grandmother, as well as a text in which she expressed the deep admiration that feel for her.

“My grandmother, I celebrate your beautiful passage through this land. You were strength until the last of your days. An immovable Titan, a Gladiator, a Praetorian who struggled to stand until the last hours of his life. Always, against all odds,” she wrote.

A selection of photographs from her youth, long-distance conversations and even the last moments of Doña Eva, were just some memories that Thalía showed her 19 and a half million followers to remember the great teachings that such a special being leaves them.

“You forged us warriors to face any adversity in life. You taught us that mischievous sense of humorand you showed us how to resolve our emotions by singing and dancing,” he adds.

Likewise, he wished his beloved grandmother a happy reunion with his daughter Yolanda Miranda Mange, who he assures told him a previous morning between dreams.

“Fly free into the arms of our Blessed Father. Your daughter will be waiting for you too!”


Finally, the interpreter expressed the great love she feels for her grandmother, who will be veiled throughout Saturday June 25 and later, on Sunday 26, her remains will be cremated to be temporarily taken to the house she lived in, as revealed Laura Zapata before various media.

You are now free precious soul, there is no more pain, there is no more sorrow, that body was left behind, now you just ARE! May God our Father have you in his arms Evita our. Here we will celebrate your wonderful life my beautiful grandmother and you will always be close to our hearts. I love you Grandma. I love you so so so much“.

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