Thalía’s secret for a flat stomach without abs has been revealed

Thalía is a Mexican singer who has revealed her secret to eliminate the bulging belly without the need to do sit-ups, because many do not like this exercise at all, but it has great results.

It seems that Thalía has become one of the examples to exercise and that is the actress usually shares her routines to define her silhouette as only she knows how to do them.

But now in AmericanPost.News we will share with you some fitness tricks from the beautiful singer Thalía to eliminate a bulging belly without doing sit-ups and without a doubt you will be surprised how easy it is to have perfect abs.

Flat belly like Thalia

It turns out that not long ago the famous performer Thalía shared one of her secrets to tone her muscles in record time and that is that through her TikTok account, the singer shared a video in which she showed her technique to do a headstand.

That is why in the short video he was seen tightening his abdomen while raising his legs in a straight line, a very common position during yoga practices.

If we remember, that among the virtues of this position is good oxygenation to the brain, so your concentration and memory will improve. In yoga it is also known as “Shirshasana” and it will help you align your spirituality, as well as connect with your emotions to balance them.

You have to be careful with time.

Flat belly like Thalia

It should be made clear that you should know that it is not recommended to stay in your head for a long time, as it could increase your blood pressure or the accumulation of fluid, so take precautions before trying it and always do it together with a professional who will help you perfect your technique.

As if that were not enough, through her Instagram account, where the famous published a video in which she did some splits with front stretches, one minute on each side.

It should be noted that this exercise practiced by the talented Thalía is very common in disciplines such as gymnastics, ballet or contemporary dance, it adds flexibility to the lower body and strengthens the muscles.

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