“Thanks to you I entered Flans”: Ilse’s words after the death of Amparín Serrano

After the unfortunate death of Amparin Serranovarious colleagues from the artistic world have expressed their words of encouragement and sent condolences to his family, one of them was his partner in Flan Groupthe beautiful Ilse Olivo who in this way referred to his legacy.

Specifically the main vocalist of Custard advance thanks to Amparin She was able to join the group and although she rarely dealt with her, her vibe and spirituality have infected her with a strong connection.

The death of this well-known graphic artist has undoubtedly left a hole that is very difficult to fill, especially in the circumstances in which her death was made known to the entertainment media.

Ilse’s farewell after the death of Amparo Serrano

Ilse’s farewell after the death of Amparo Serrano Who was Amparín Serrano?

Through his official Instagram account, Ilse Olivo said an emotional goodbye to Amparín Serrano, whom she thanked for the opportunity for having invited her to be part of the Flans project when it was barely structured.

“You were directly responsible for me entering the place that would change my life forever !!! It was your particular sense of humor that excited me to live with you in that project of Marian’s sister to which they were inviting me to audition …Flans”, he detailed.

In addition to leaving, she was surprised by the unfortunate death, indicating that you are in shock but that you wish your soul and spirit to be resting in peace.

“I’m in shock, I’m in shock, I’m in shock! Amparin, if we are all here to fulfill a mission, you have fulfilled your ultra,” he concluded.

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Who was Amparín Serrano?

Who was Amparín Serrano?

Entrepreneur and designer died at age 57, known mostly in the business world for creating the brand distributorresponsible for the drawings on the little virgin what were a phenomenon in the market.

He was also briefly a member of the group Custard in the mid-80s, which had to leave because it was not fitted into the project, leaving room Ilse Olivo to form the group as it is known today.

Amparin Serrano had two daughters: Camila and Minnie, the latter is the current girlfriend of Nachito Peregrín, brother of Belinda.

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