Thanksgiving 2022: practical tips to save on purchases

This season will not be easy for many Americans, in the midst of dizzying inflation that does not let up and continues to push prices up in various categories.

A recent survey by personal financial advice site Personal Capital found that this year about 30% of Americans will skip holidays like Thanksgiving, while Those who will celebrate it have a lower budget than last year.

In addition to this, turkey will not be present in many American homes due to the increase in its prices, up to 73% more than the previous year, which has led a considerable percentage of Americans to choose between other options such as Pizza.

Thanksgiving will put a strain on the budget of many Americans after the cost of food increased by 11.2% between September 2021 and September 2022. In addition to turkey, other foods will have drastic increases such as margarine (44%), flours and prepared mixes (24.2%), as well as frozen bakery products such as pies and empanadas (20.4%).

Stew Leonard, the president and CEO of the Stew Leonard’s grocery store chain, shared some tips on cutting costs and hosting this celebration on Mornings With Maria Bartiromo.

The suggested have something less expensive in addition to the turkey such as hamburgers so that the children fill up before reaching the main course. In case you don’t buy turkey, there are other more affordable options like cooking chicken.

leonard too He urged to take advantage of the special offers and discounts that some stores take out to further reduce costs. Private store brands also represent considerable savings when compared to other brand products. You can review online offers in physical store catalogs.

Other tips that can help include:

-Do not waste money on everything you are going to buy.

-Calculate the food you need

-Make a budget

-Choose well the number of guests

-Look for ingredients you already have at home

-Search for deals and shop with coupons

-If possible buy some essential items in bulk

-Make your own decorative arrangements

Though Thanksgiving dinner does come with a hefty outlay, Leonard said it ultimately requires some belt-tightening and smart shopping to bring happiness to everyone in the household.

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