The 10 best pizzerias in the world, according to the Top Pizza World 2022

10 of the best pizzerias in the world are in Italy, the United States and France.

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The 50 Top Pizza 2022 guide presented its list of the best pizzerias in the world. One of the two number one pizzerias in the world is located in New York. The Italian-born guide uses anonymous inspectors to determine the top 50 pizza restaurants. In addition to food, service and cleanliness are also considered.

10 pizzerias in the world

1. Masanielli – Francesco Masanelli | Caserta Italy

Masanielli is ranked number one as the best pizzeria in the world. Francesco Martucci’s pizzeria has become a very popular destination for lovers of signature pizza who arrive from all over Italy.

“The menu speaks of cutting-edge dough research, precise cooking, interesting combinations of high-quality raw materials,” reports 50 Top Pizza. The pizza offers a professional service and an important list of wines and beers.

1. Napoleon | New York, USA

A Napoletana Pizza from Anthony Mangieria shares with Masanielli the number one place in the guide of the best pizzerias in the world.

“A Pizza Napoletana, a true Neapolitan embassy in the Big Apple”. The guide describes Anthony Mangieri as a true pioneer of the Neapolitan in New York. Experts point out that in Mangieri’s pizzas there is attention to yeast and therefore to digestibility, selection of fresh and quality products, impeccable service.

3. Peppe Pizzeria|Paris, France

Peppe Pizzeria brings a cozy Italian flair to Paris. The guide recommends the typical fried pizzas of Neapolitan street food and then the pizza with mortadella and pistachio or the one with truffle and hazelnuts; the tiramisu is noted as unmissable and the good selection of Campania wines stands out.

4. 50 Kalo | Naples, Italy

50 Kalò is considered a benchmark of flavor and tradition with high quality. Its pizzas are evaluated with a perfect and fragrant dough, the base with flavorful and balanced seasonings resulting from a selection of ingredients chosen with great care and enhanced by excellent tomatoes and oil. This cozy Italian pizzeria has a special mention for the service, professional and at the same time friendly.

5. 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria | Naples, Italy

10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria ranks as the third best pizzeria in Italy and the fifth best in the world.
“The quality of the pizzas, light dough, tasty and always full of balance with top quality ingredients and oils that enhance the flavors, always in good balance”, describes 50 Top Pizza.

6. I Tigli | Saint Boniface, Italy

Simone Padoan’s pizzeria is the fourth best in Italy. The ingredients are strictly fresh and prepared in the kitchenthey go from the sea to the land, with raw fish, duck, sweetbreads, but also with cod cream or even snails and eels.

The tasters reveal that there is great creativity, from the dough, all made with wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flour with natural yeast, the additions of corn or seeds, to the different hydrations to obtain different textures and crispness.

7. Francesco & Salvatore Salvo | Naples, Italy

“If it is true that making pizza is an art, the Salvo pizzeria is a true gallery of taste”. Salvo ranks as the fifth best in Italy and the seventh in the world. The pizza is very light, perfectly cooked and fermented.

The ingredients are the strong point: tomatoes of different composition and origin, which perfectly satisfy all taste nuances and show the gastronomic creativity of pizza makers.

8. Seu Pizza Illuminati | Rome Italy

Seu Pizza Illuminati is the eighth best pizzeria in the world and the sixth best in Italy. “In the sweet pizza menu, ricotta and sour cherries confirm an absolute talent not to be missed”, describes 50 Top Pizza. This pizzeria is also noted for its attentive and professional service.

9. La Notizia 94|Napoli, Italy

La Notizia 94 by Enzo Coccia is considered the ninth best pizzeria in the world and is ranked seventh as the 50 Top Pizza Italy 2022. The quality of the selected ingredients is very high and the service is fast and attentive.

There is a homely atmosphere where you can admire the work of the pizza makers and where Enzo Coccia tells the story, the combinations and the pairing with wines. The guide recommends starting with a vegetarian roll filled with fresh seasonal vegetables.

10. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana|San Francisco, United States

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana by Tony Gemignani is described as a safe and traditional reference for high quality pizza.. A pizzeria that takes care of the details of the yeast and the artisanal products for the filling. It is the tenth best pizzeria in the world and the second best in the United States.

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