The 10 deadliest jobs of 2022 in the US

For every 100,000 roofers, there are 47 fatal accidents, on average.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of workplace fatalities and updates its list every year. These would be the industries where employees are more likely to die than in other jobs.

The mortality rates that we present to you represent the number of deaths per 100,000 full-time workersall with 40 weekly hours, and working 50 weeks a year.

10–Underground Mining Machine Operator

Mining in general can be a dangerous profession, in part due to cave-ins, explosions and extreme temperatures.

Fatal injury rate: 21.6.

9–Maritime Transport Worker

Work at sea with heavy machinery are the main dangers of this job.

Fatal injury rate: 24.3.


Accidents and fire hazards from spilled chemicals or oil are just a few of the dangers truck drivers can face.

Fatal injury rate: 25.8.

7–Iron or steel structure worker

Fatal injuries from falls are one of the main concerns of these workers, who work building or maintaining large bridges, for example.

Fatal injury rate: 32.5.

6–Refuse and recyclable material collector

Hazardous materials, such as sharp objects inside trash cans, are among the dangers these workers face.

Fatal injury rate: 33.1.

5–Aircraft pilot or flight engineer

Most, but not all, of the fatal injuries in this category are caused by crashes.

Fatal injury rate: 34.3.

4–Work assistant or bidder

This category covers many construction jobs, such as a carpenter’s assistant, electrician’s assistant, bricklayer, brickwasher, or plumber’s assistant.

Fatal injury rate: 43.3.


A roofer replaces the roofs of houses, and falls from great heights are the main danger in this business.

Fatal injury rate: 47.


Loggers must watch out for falling objects, heavy equipment used to cut and transport logs, and other hazards.

Fatal injury rate: 91.7.

1–Hunting or fishing worker

A study by the Centers for Disease Control states that the greatest dangers to fishermen are falls overboard and the machinery they use on deck, as reported on CBS.

Fatal injury rate: 132.1.

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