The 10 states in the United States where people are happiest

Being happy can depend on various factors, from physical to emotional and financial.

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Every human being came to this world to be happy, a concept that can have different edges and that It will depend on a myriad of factors. both internal and external, and that sometimes we do not have full control of them, which can lead to frustration.

Experts point out that happiness will always depend on how we approach things, recommending that it always be positive, as well as choosing what we enjoy so much, such as some activity that entertains us and does us good or surround ourselves with those who love us and whom we love.

Nevertheless, Many have found it difficult to enjoy happiness in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to which inflation was later linked, which has become a latent threat to the mental health of thousands of people in the United States.

A study conducted by WalletHub found that 87% of Americans or people of other nationalities living in the country admit to being “anxious” or “very anxious” about financial instability that you are living right now.

Similarly, they took on the task of conducting research on the happiness of US residents, in order to discover what environmental factors are related to people’s general well-being and life satisfaction. Previous studies have found that good financial, emotional, physical and social health are keys to a balanced and fulfilling life.

WalletHub took on the task of measuring these factors along with 30 other key metrics, ranging from the rate of depression and the proportion of adults who feel productive to income growth and the unemployment rate, to find out what the level of happiness of the inhabitants of each state of the 50 that make up the American nation.

The 10 States of the United States where there is more happiness

1) hawaii

2) Maryland

3) Minnesota

4) Utah

5) New Jersey


7) California

8) Illinois

9) Nebraska

10) Connecticut

If you are curious what place the state you live in occupies in terms of happiness, you can check the ranking on the following map.

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