The 5 things you should NOT buy at Target

The 5 things you should NOT buy at Target

Books, bags and other products are some of those that you should not buy at Target.

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Target is one of the chain stores where you can find almost anything with great discounts. However, there are certain things that you simply should not buy in this store, either because of their quality level or because of the options that they offer you here. On these occasions, it is best to look for other options.

Here are five products that fall into this category.

1 – Gift cards

Target has a good number of gift cards, but they have a limited variety, so you really won’t get much of it from going to this store to stock up on these items. What’s more, To find gift cards at a better price, the best option would be to buy them at Costco, which usually gives them at a discount.

2 – Party supplies

At Target you can find party supplies, from paper plates to piñatas. The problem, again, is that they don’t have a wide variety of products, so It is better to go to a local costume and party store, which always tend to have good prices as well.

3 – Books

Target offers the latest books, but if you want a less popular issue, from an earlier era, or a specific nonfiction book, it’s unlikely you won’t find it here. In this case, it is best to go to your local bookstore.

4 – Durable bags

Although they look great, Target bags tend to have a short shelf life. And is that many of them last in good condition more or less a year. After this time they tend to fray or break from the strap or zipper, as reported in Money Talks News.

5 – Pet food

Target has a pet food section, but they don’t have a great variety, which is not convenient if you are feeding your little animal a balanced diet. The food they sell here tends to have limited ingredients, so it’s best to go to other stores like Petco..

As you can see, it is best that you think very well before taking these products with you, since it is possible that you have the possibility of making a better purchase in other stores.

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