The Academy: Myriam wants to be a director. Will Alexander Acha be removed?

One of the great singers who has given The academy it is Myriam Montemayorand it is that the winner of the first generation of reality has been able to catapult her career as one of the most important singers in Mexico.

The redhead already has 7 studio albums plus four other compilations in addition to participating in musical theater in works such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats or The Wizard of Oz.

And let’s not forget his foray into acting on shows like What women keep silent, Life is a song or Los Sánchez.

For all this, she can say that she not only has extensive experience, but also that she has sufficient knowledge to be the director of The academy.

Is Myriam the new director of the Academy?

as we tell you in AmericanPost.News, The Academy 20 years has had multiple controversies; currently Lolita Cortés criticized the production for not taking care of the health of the students, and that is that the judge of The academy She has been able to be the director of the project, a position that Myriam seems to be willing to have.

“I hadn’t thought about it but it would be great, because I was born here, I came out of this project. I’ve had the opportunity to be a student, winner, judge, godmother and it would also be great to be a director, why not?” Myriam said

Interviewed during the concert last Sunday, the singer made it clear that she already has all the experience to be able to take charge of the students in a future edition of The academy.

“We are already of age, 20 years have passed and I would be a father, I would love it,” said the singer.

He also added that it is a project that he is very fond of and that he likes to be a part of when he can.

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The Academy in the midst of controversy

In recent weeks, the reality show on Tv Azteca has been giving something to talk about, because first there was talk of favoritism towards a student who was not expelled despite the fact that he was the one who received the fewest votes from the public.

A week later the manager alexander ach He asked the production to remove a nutritionist because he was not giving the students adequate food, and there were even fainting in the middle of the stage.

Now, just a few days after that concert, several students had to be taken to the hospital, confirming the positive diagnosis to Ruby COVID-19which caused courteous lolita came out to make strong statements against the production of Ajusco.

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