The Academy: Who will win the show’s grand finale?

There is no deadline that is not fulfilled and finally this Saturday and Sunday we will know the definitive winner of ‘The academy’that student who will manage to conquer the public and will have the enormous challenge of carving out his future in the music industry.

Mar, Nelson, Cesia, Andres Y Ruby They will be able to get on stage for the last time and with it try to win as many votes as possible to become winners.

Even the duets that will be in the grand finale have already been revealed, so the production of aztec tv It would be in front of the event of the year and that will close six intense weeks of competition.

Who will win the show’s grand finale?

Who will win the show’s grand finale? How to vote in the grand finale of ‘The Academy?

Everything is ready for the grand finale of the reality show, which has generated all kinds of reactions on social networks, mobilizing several countries that seek to give their favorite the win in the competition.

According to network statistics, each one of the academics has serious opportunities to win, because in the case of Seahas the support of Ecuador, the nation of Honduras is inspired by cesia and in Guatemala they want their representative Nelson get the title.

In the case of Andrew Y Ruby, Many might think that being Mexicans they have a great advantage, however the reality show has shown that foreigners also have a great calling force.

Be that as it may, the judges and production in general have asked the public vote unlimited for your favorite and show your support on social networks so that this Sunday it will be announced with the final results.

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How to vote in the grand finale of ‘The Academy?

How to vote in the grand finale of ‘The Academy?

Below we will describe the steps so that you can vote unlimited for your favorite student and give you the opportunity to win first place in the competition.

  • Download the app Tv Azteca live
  • Choose the program ‘The Academy 20 years’
  • Click on the vote option
  • Choose your favorite participant

will this be sunday august 14 when the public knows the results of their votes and thus have the definitive winner of ‘The academy’a project that after two months will finally say goodbye.

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