The affectionate messages between Ricardo Montaner and Camilo: “I love you and admire you”

Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna Montaner, Camilo Echeverry. Photo: Instagram @montaner (Photo: Instagram @montaner/)

“My son”, he wrote in his post Ricardo Montaner. The words of the interpreter of themes such as “I’m going to be missed” or “So in love”, He was not referring to Mau, nor to Ricky, who has just married Stefi Roitman, but to Camilo, his son-in-law, who is expecting his first child with Evaluna.

Grateful for the message from his father-in-law, the singer lovingly responded to the post with a warm message: “I love you father-in-law. Thanks a lot. Today I saw you and I remembered again that I not only love you but that I deeply admire you… even what is inside the little bones”.

Ricardo Montaner and Camilo
Ricardo Montaner and Camilo

The singer’s posting, which received more than half a million likes, was accompanied by a series of the two of them posing on the stairs of a motorhome, Ricardo on the highest steps holding his son-in-law by the shoulders and Camilo sitting below. touching the arm of her partner’s father. In the images are labeled Evaluna and Marlene, the singer’s wife.

“I love it. And it is true that you love your sons-in-law and daughters-in-law as your own children. Good thing, let it be like this for all families”, “I don’t know if they are my things, but they even look like me already”, “What a beautiful family, more beautiful every day, they are a beautiful example that the only important thing is the family ”, “Two good souls came together”, “There is a lot of God’s presence there” and “How beautiful the photo and you are a sun, what a great family”, were some of the comments of the users of the social network.

Ricardo Montaner and Camilo
Ricardo Montaner and Camilo

Evaluna and Camilo Echeverry await the arrival of their first child. In her podcast a few days ago, the actress also said that she thought it would be difficult for her to become a mother: “Doctors told me a million times that I couldn’t have children. and that it was going to be impossible because of my hormones and all these other things that were supposedly not right in my body and… (pointing to her belly as a sign that she is pregnant). We started trying for a little while and it happened and I love that it happens.”

A few weeks ago, he told a Colombian media outlet how he found out he would be a father: “One day she told her mother ‘I still think I’m pregnant’ and they bought seven tests and discovered it together, then it was Evaluna and she woke me up, I was taking a nap… he woke me up with a little coffee and said ‘I have a little treasure for your diary’ and he took out this test and it took me a while to understand what it was, first because I had never seen a test, second because when I understood that it was like a test I said ‘ah, could it be that I keep the test that was done weeks ago?’… and of course, it was this whole situation of what is happening? until I figured it out.”

The singers who will be parents between March and April, got engaged in 2018 and finally got married in 2020 and during the ceremony they shot their clip “For the first time” together.

The Montaners made headlines this weekend after Ricky and Stefi Roirman are getting married in a mixed ceremony and said “yes” before some three hundred people who went to a room in Exaltación de la Cruz, about 82 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires, to celebrate with them.

In order to celebrate in peace in times of pandemic, all the guests had to have a swab at the door of the place and those who tested negative, about six people, could not enter, beyond the link they had with the brand new marriage.


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