The airline company Finnair prohibits the use of cloth masks because they are not safe

The airline company Finnair prohibits the use of cloth masks because they are not safe

Each airline has its criteria and mask policies.

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Since the travel restrictions for passengers on commercial flights began to be lifted, airlines have begun to establish sanitary positions in accordance with their interests and flight itineraries, so it is necessary that before buying a flight it is known what the current measures are by company.

Commercial airline passengers wishing to travel abroad during the coronavirus pandemic should particularly verify that the mask chosen fits the current policies of each airline, not all have the same criteria. These are important, since if they do not comply with the provisions, the passenger may be rejected.

The subject of masks has been flexible for many companies operating in the United States, many airlines have considered fabric face masks to be acceptable pieces of personal protective equipment, some international airlines are showing a preference for surgical face masks.

Finnair, the Finnish airline, updated its coronavirus mask policy today. The company informed potential customers that it would no longer allow fabric face masks on board and only surgical ones will be allowed, as lThe firm considers them the safest.

According to Finnair’s argument, cloth masks will not be accepted because they “allow air to escape and do not provide comparable protection.” Passengers are also expected to bring their own masks when riding the line.

But Finnair is not the only company with this criteriaAccording to a report by the FOX chain, international airlines such as Air France, Swissair, Croatia Airlines, the German Lufthansa and the Chilean LATAM Airlines are asking for surgical masks.

Although airlines are said to have some mistrust of cloth masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that the Non-surgical grade and cloth masks are suitable options provided they are multi-layered and do not have exhaust valves or vents.

Regardless of the provisions that each company has for passengers to wear masks, its main objective is to guarantee that those who board a flight are fully sure that they will not suffer a possible contagion of Covid-19 and its Delta variant, which is spreading all over the world at high speed.

If you are going to make a trip soon, it is recommended that you verify the specifications of the airlines in health matters where the policy of the use of facial masks is included.

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