The annual minimum wage that an American requires not to be poor, in each state

The annual minimum wage that an American requires not to be poor, in each state

According to the MIT calculator, Hawaii is the state where a person requires the most money to live and South Dakota the most affordable.

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The cost of living for a single person can be very different in the United States. Much depends on the state where you live because location plays a large role in the price of housing, food, insurance and other needs that vary from place to place, published CNBC.

Using the MIT Living Wage Calculator, the site calculated the minimum income necessary for a person to cover their expenses in each of the states of the country, staying above the poverty line and without requiring outside help.

The calculator considers a number of factors, such as the cost of food, health care, housing, transportation, and other necessitiessuch as personal care, clothing, and household supplies. It also takes into account the minimum wage in each state and considers annual changes in consumer spending patterns.

In its last update, the tool made some modifications to its methodology and also now includes expenses for cell phones, Wi-Fi, expenses for civic participation, pets, clubs, and trips to the cinema or museum.

The MIT calculator is developed to estimate the cost of living in a community or region based on typical expenses. The tool helps individuals, communities and employers to determine a local salary that allows residents to meet minimum standards of living.

Today the costs of living have risen for Americans, they are spending more on where they live, the food they buy and how they get around.

Below is a list of what would be a living wage, before taxes, for a single person in each state in the country.

Alabama, $ 28,652

Alaska, $ 31,333

Arizona, $ 31,077

Arkansas, $ 27,652

California, $ 38,823

Colorado, $ 34,009

Connecticut, $ 33,240

Delaware, $ 31,868

Florida, $ 30,825

Georgia, $ 31,940

Hawaii, $ 40,412 (most expensive)

Idaho, $ 29,007

Illinois, $ 31,975

Indiana, $ 27,955

Iowa, $ 28,327

Kansas, $ 28,093

Kentucky, $ 28,048

Louisiana, $ 29,251

Maine, $ 31,043

Maryland, $ 35,879

Massachusetts, $ 36,889

Michigan, $ 28,354

Minnesota, $ 30,997

Mississippi, $ 27,936

Missouri, $ 28,535

Montana, $ 29,004

Nebraska, $ 28,234

Nevada, $ 28,442

New Hampshire, $ 30,089

New Jersey, $ 33,696

New Mexico, $ 29,057

New York, $ 38,719

North Carolina, $ 30,617

North Dakota, $ 27,211

Ohio, $ 27,369

Oklahoma, $ 28,133

Oregon, $ 35,050

Pennsylvania, $ 27,861

Rhode Island, $ 30,763

South Carolina, $ 30,328

South Dakota, $ 26,225 (cheapest)

Tennessee, $ 27,563

Texas, $ 29,134

Utah, $ 30,211

Vermont, $ 31,057

Virginia, $ 34,552

Washington, $ 33,982

West Virginia, $ 27,837

Wisconsin, $ 29,160

Wyoming, $ 27,425

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