The best beers in the world 2022: which ones won this year’s World Beer Cup

The Brewers Association (BA) announced what are the winners of the World Beer Cup 2022 in which the best commercial beers in the world are awarded.

After a two-year hiatus, the biggest competition to date was held, with 10,542 entries from 2,493 breweries representing 57 countries were included.

103 categories of beer styles were rated cWith the opportunity to obtain gold, silver and bronze in each of them.

Brewers Association World Beer Cup 2022 Awards Ceremony at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Photo: Brewers Association.

Best beers in the world

American Wheat Beer: For-scythe by Cherry Street Brewpub – Halcyon, United States.

American style lager: Tremor California Light Lager from Seismic Brewing Co., United States.

American style amber lager: Ziegler of MadTree Brewing Co., USA.

hoppy lager: Italian Pilsner from Ponderosa Brewing, United States.

American-style Pilsener: Dieguito from Pizza Port Bressi Ranch, United States.

Bohemian style Pilsener: Over the Ivy from Confluence Brewing Co., United States.

German-style Pilsener: ABK Pils of ABK Betriebsgesellschaft der Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren, Germany.

International Pilsener or International Lager: Warehouse Lager from Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co., United States.

American Belgian Style Ale: Brother Harker Patersbier of American-Belgian-Style Ale, United States, United States.

English Ale: Sunshine Blonde from LazyG Brewhouse, United States.

American Style Amber/Red Ale: Amber Ale from Rebellion Brewing Co., Canada.

American-style Black Ale or American-style Stout: Black Bucket from Kinnegar Brewing, Ireland.

pale ale american style: Figueroa Mountain Mosaic from Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. – Santa Barbara, United States.

international pale ale: Hello, LA from Highland Park Brewery, United States.

Strong American Style Pale Ale: California Lounge Chair by Kern River Brewing Co. – The Backyard, United States.

American style Indian pale ale: Hop Fu! from North Park Beer Co., United States.

Juicy or hazy India pale ale: Rhymes Like Dimes by Xül Beer Co., United States.

Belgian-style specialty strong beer: Anosteké Blonde from Brasserie du Pays Flamand, France.

helles munich style: Meanwhile Lager from Meanwhile Brewing Co., United States.

Strong Stout aged in wood and in barrels: Ruckus of Melvin Brewing, United States.

Chili beer: Hello! Jalapeno Cream Ale from Ooga Brewing Co., United States.

chocolate beer: Chocolate Stout from Fort Myers Brewing Co., United States.

Coffee beer: Gusto Crema Coffee Ale from Georgetown Brewing Co., United States.

The countries with the most awards were: The United States with 252, Canada with 14 and Germany with 11.

In this edition of the World Beer Cup, Colombia won its first award with Pola Del Pub for his participation in the special season “Saison Con Miel”.

The beers were evaluated by an elite panel of 226 judges from 28 countries. Lhe awards were presented last Thursday at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The Brewers Association is an association representing more than 5,600 American breweries, dedicated to small, independent craft brewers.

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