The best memes of She-Hulk, the new Marvel series on Disney Plus

After seeing the first trailer who launched Marvel Studios from ‘She-Hulk‘, it was to be expected that a large wave of memes invaded social networks, since the excessive use of CGI played a very dirty trick on them.

Many fans consider that the design that Jennifer Walters is receiving transformed is not up to everything we have seen with the UCM.

‘She-Hulk’ memes invade social networks

‘She-Hulk’ memes. She-Hulk memes. When is ‘She-Hulk’ released?

Most of the memes focused on the face of ‘She-Hulk’, which has not finished convincing people.

‘She-Hulk’ memes. She-Hulk memes. When is ‘She-Hulk’ released?

In fact, she looks quite artificial to the point that the heroine has been compared to Princess Fiona from ‘Shrek’.

‘She-Hulk’ memes. She-Hulk memes. When is ‘She-Hulk’ released?

However, not all the memes were about excessive CGI, in fact there were many directly related to the character played by Jennifer Walters.

She-Hulk memes. When is ‘She-Hulk’ released?

One of those that gained strength in social networks is that of ‘death by snu snu’, which refers to a chapter of ‘Futurama’, where we can see that, like the advance of ‘She-Hulk’, there are much bigger and stronger women who, to be intimate, decide to be the ones to make the first move, just as we see that Walters carries her man to bed.

When is ‘She-Hulk’ released?

When is ‘She-Hulk’ released?

Despite the controversial trailer, Marvel fans are confident that the studio will do a good job in the end with ‘She-Hulk’, as they still have a few months to improve this aspect.

As we have mentioned in AmericanPost.News‘She-Hulk’ will be released on August 17, 2022, so there is plenty of time to put some finishing touches on the protagonist’s face, to make it look much better.

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