The best memes of the fall of Amazon

The services of Amazon experienced a series of problems on Tuesday that affected a large number of web pages, applications and devices that depend on the US platform.

Failed services include Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud storage service of the Jeff Bezos-owned ecommerce company, as well as Prime Video and its e-commerce website.

The problem according to Amazon, was due to the fact that the platform called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud encountered a higher failure rate across all regions and particularly in North America.

The fall of Amazon left great memes

This caused several users to take to Twitter to share their point of view on the incident, which left more than one without the possibility of working or having fun as they usually do. here we leave you a collection of the best memes.

Likewise, the official explanation is that the AWS management console is presenting a series of problems, however, since the source of the error has already been identified, Amazon is already working to bring the service back to normal.

Amazon services suffer their third failure so far this year, as this has been reported by several users, since there were more than 14 thousand incidents of people who reported problems with the company.

How many people were affected?

It should be noted that there it is shown that more than 14 thousand incidents of people who reported problems with Amazon, has tracked the falls by collecting status reports from a series of sources, including errors sent by users on its platform.

In June, users experienced a brief drop across Amazon platforms, including Alexa and Prime Video, while in July, the e-commerce giant experienced an outage in its online service, lasting nearly two hours and affecting more than 38 thousand users.

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