The best Netflix series in 2022

So far this year, this platform has surprised us with series of different genres, from romance to fantasy. Which has made us investigate a VPN for Netflix, to protect our privacy when enjoying its content.

Today we bring you a list of the best Netflix series this year. This way you can check those you haven’t seen yet or remember those you already enjoyed.

file 81

Released in January, File 81 is one of the best proposals for suspense that Netflix brought us this year. Mixing the found footage genre with psychological terror and true crime. The story tells of an archivist who is hired to review and repair some video tapes found in the ruins of a building that burned down more than a decade ago.

Who is Ana?

This series, from the hand of the successful Shonda Rhimes, is focused on the real life story of the false German heiress Anna Delvey. For 9 episodes, we are told how Delvey managed to swindle New York’s elite. Based on an article in New York Magazine, Who is Ana?, traps us in this funny and fascinating story that has 3 nominations for the next Emmy Awards.


One of the most anticipated Spanish series in 2022 came to the Netflix screen. Intimacy promises to keep us hooked thanks to its plot loaded with mystery and its vindictive message about the treatment of women; especially, their privacy in public spaces. Here, we can see the story of a politician, to whom a sexual video has been leaked to the press and the consequences of this fact.

We are dead

Thanks to recent hits like “The Squid Game”, South Korean series are more popular than ever and We Are Dead is proof of that. This Netflix proposal has been named one of the best zombie series of the last decade. We Are Dead tells the story of how a virus turns high school students into zombies. With this series, it is possible to rescue this controversial genre, thus elaborating a terrifying and fun story.

You Don’t Know Me

This BBC thriller remains at the level of other series on the same network. With just four suspenseful episodes, You Don’t Know Me follows the life of a man accused of murder, who must prove his innocence despite incriminating evidence.


This is one of the most interesting Netflix proposals in 2022. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, Clark, a former criminal, reflects on his past adventures. This series stars Bill Skarsgård, best known for his role as Pennywise in “It”, and is in charge of turning his politically incorrect character into a hero.


This time, Darren Star, creator of the hit “Sex and the City,” tells us the story of a middle-aged real estate agent who is suddenly dumped by his partner of 17 years. In this way, our protagonist, played by Neil Patrick Harris, will have to face the separation from him and rediscover himself in the great city of New York.

The Woman In The House In Front Of The Girl In The Window

The interesting thing about this series, starring Kristen Bell, is that it is a clever parody of those typical psychological thrillers. This miniseries tells how a woman’s life changes the moment a man moves in across the street from her. Spying on him through his window, she believes she is witnessing an unspeakable crime. Despite being a parody, it leaves us with the same feeling that a real psychological thriller would.


If you are a fan of series with tangled plots and full of surprises, Dualidad is what you were looking for. This interesting proposal plays with the mysterious identity changes that leave us glued to our smart televisions. This story shows us how two twin sisters have secretly exchanged their identities and the chaos that ensues when one of them mysteriously disappears.

heart stopper

This adaptation of the graphic novel created by Alice Osman has managed to reach the hearts of many. With a story steeped in representation and diversity, Heartstopper has established itself as one of the best series on the platform. Here, its creator tells us how two totally different teenagers manage to fall in love and start a relationship that transforms them both. This beautiful series has been renewed for two seasons after its successful premiere.