The best packaged pasta you can get in the United States

The best packaged pasta you can get in the United States

A good pasta allows a good adherence of the sauce.

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Not everyone has the time to cook pasta from scratch, packaged pasta can be a convenient option. But for a good pasta dish a good sauce is not enough, you must choose the best pasta.

There are different types of pasta, wheat semolina, whole wheat, there is also gluten-free, made from beans and many more options. From a nutritional point of view, pasta is a source of carbohydrates. Some types of carbohydrate-rich foods are better than others. Whole wheat pasta is a healthier option.

Classic white pasta is delicious and can also be part of a healthy dish. Dietitian Lisa Valente suggests through Eating Well that add vegetables and protein to pasta for a more balanced dish.

Chickpea pasta is a great way to enjoy a delicious pasta dish with the nutrition of chickpeas, chickpeas are a source of vegetable protein and fiber. Chickpea paste is a healthy, neutral-tasting option.

What are the best pasta options on the market

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1. Rao’s Homemade

The cooking experts at Epicurious set out to find the best dry semolina pasta. That is, a simple paste. A pasta with an excellent and elastic texture that left bites al dente and that became one with the sauce, which means that it allowed a good adherence.

Rao’s Homemade was the best of the tests conducted by Epicurious. The noodles have a matte appearance and rough texture. In addition to the texture and excellent adherence that the sauce has on the pasta, the noodles stand out “for having a little more flavor than most pasta.”

2. Garofalo

Garofalo has a good texture. Although it doesn’t have as much sauce-sticking power as Rao’s, pasta has the great characteristic of absorbing the flavor of the sauce “more than any other”.

3. Rustichella D’Abruzzo

Rustichella D’Abruzzo is the best most artisan pasta for the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen team of experts. A pasta of which there are different shapes and varieties. They point out that cestini pasta “is ideal for ingredients that could be lost in another type of pasta; things like peas and ground beef. Cover the ingredients and the sauce at the same time ”.

4. Pastificio Di Martino

If you want pasta for a special occasion, Pastificio Di Martino is the best gourmet pasta, according to Good Housekeeping. This is a luxury Italian pasta that “feels like the best splurge for any fanatic.”

5. Giovanni Rana

When you want a plate of ravioli without having to make them from step one. Giovanni Rana is a good chilled ravioli option that you can find in the supermarket. Basic ravioli with mozzarella cheese are the most versatile option.

6. Banza

If you are looking for a chickpea paste. Banza is a good alternative. It has a taste very close to traditional pasta; it is high in protein and fiber; and it has 30% less net carbs than traditional pasta. What’s more It is suitable for vegans and since it is gluten-free, it is also for celiacs.

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