The best paid? Piqué made public his salary with Barcelona to deny rumors [images]

The best paid?  Piqué made public his salary with Barcelona to deny rumors [images]

Photo: Ismael Arroyo / Imago7

The iconic and sometimes controversial central defender of FC Barcelona, ​​Gerard Piqué took a step forward to deny the rumors that accuse him of being the highest paid element of the team and published an extract of his bank statement, showing the amount he charges.

Piqué, along with Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, were pointed out by journalist Lluís Canut as being the three footballers who earn the most money of the Barcelona club. This happened during the program ‘Onze’ of the Television of Catalonia (TV3) this January 6.

Faced with such allegations, the second captain of Barcelona wanted to deny the information with the respective tests and published a capture of the payment he received from the club on December 30 for an amount of € 2.3 million euros ($ 2.6 million dollars), which represents 50% of his total salary, according to the footballer.

“Characters like this charging from public television to defend their friends. Here you have 50% of my payroll collected as of December 30. Respect yourself a little, ”wrote Piqué, in a post on Twitter about Canut’s statements.

The journalist affirmed that the central Calatán and World Champion with Spain, collected € 28 million euros ($ 31.8 million) gross before taxes.

In that sense, Piqué responded quickly before publishing the image with his salary and clarified that the published amounts “are erroneous” and “do not correspond to reality.”
“In addition, in the case of the first three players referred to (Piqué, Busquets and Alba) it gives as fixed amounts that, being variable, possibly they will never be merited ”, sentenced the entity.

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