The best phrases of Chabelo

Throughout his career, Xavier Lopez Rodriguez, better known as boy, played different characters and between his shows and interviews issued different types of messages for his fans, some more significant than others.

Only one of the last published it on his Twitter on May 31, 2022, because when people already took him for evicted, he said that he had already overcome cancer, that he was better, that he had retired and of course, that he was eternally grateful.

Chabelo’s most famous phrases

Some Chabelo’s most iconic phrases are:

“If the driver is not honest and does not believe what he says, the public will not believe anything.”

“All the things I have done in my life I do with a lot of love and enthusiasm. Here I am”.

“Where there is a child, there is a beautiful, honest and wonderful being, a hundred percent example of what a person should be.”

“I think that human beings have been brought into the world to be happy, and happiness lies precisely in that approach that you as a human being intend to have with nature.”

“The child in his infinite truth can be a great teaching for the adult”.

“The public is the difference, the one that participates, and that is what has kept me going, so I have no choice but to thank the Mexican public that has done me the favor of allowing me to do what I like to do during my life. not have to work.”

What other Chabelo phrase have you heard that you liked a lot?

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In Family with Chabelo

The program En familia con Chabelo was broadcast for 48 long years and it was led by Xavier López “Chabelo” himself, there. the driver, his hostesses and his cuatitos were in charge of organize competitions for viewers so that they could win prizes from something simple like a toy to something more expected like a complete room for the home and much more.

Let us remember that one of the moments of greatest tension and emotion during the program was when the participants went to cataphyx because the public could also express what number is the one that he recommended to the cataphyxiant.

How many children does Chabelo have?

How many children does Chabelo have?

Officially, Chabelo has 3 children: Óscar, Xavier and Juan Gabriel, all of these procreated with his second and last wife Teresa Mirandawhom he married in the year 1969.

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