the best times to reserve one

Time can play a huge role in how much your next trip will cost you (not only when to travel but also when to book the trip). Finance expert Clark Howard says that since he flew again in 2021, planes have gone from nearly empty to full, and airlines have increased costs accordingly. But, he says, now the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way. “The airlines are going through difficult times; hotels are having a tough time in many places, ”says Clark. “Because of the Delta variant, people are canceling trips and not booking trips as the months progress.” This trend could be something that certain travelers can take advantage of.

When should I book a trip?

Clark says you should look to book a trip now to take advantage of all the travel discounts, but there’s one big condition when it comes down to it. Due to the global health crisis, you may have some thoughts on traveling, and that’s okay. On the other hand, “if sometimes you’re not so hesitant to go, there’s a great opportunity for you,” says Clark.

Business trips this fall? Not that much

Airplane in the sky embarking on a journey

“This year, when we see travel that depends on business, that is not happening,” says Clark. “The huge hotels and convention centers are really in trouble because those business travelers don’t come back.” Although business travel showed signs of recovery early in the year, Clark says the Delta variant has pretty much closed the door to any significant rebound in the coming months. “Business trips will not be present this fall,” he says.

Leisure trips this fall? Not much


“Fall is usually a good time to travel in most years – any kind of leisure trip,” says Clark. What makes this year different is that travel providers, especially airlines and cruise ships, have to respond to the respective drop in demand by lowering prices to some destinations. Let’s do an analysis of two segments of the travel market to see what is happening.

Cheap ticket


Travelers have been able to keep demand up in places like the beaches of Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico, but that’s about it, Clark says. I have been watching the rate alerts for the services I am subscribed to to travel to Europe, and the rates that are suddenly being offered are much lower than the rates that were offered for the fall just a few weeks ago ”, He says. The reason for this? “Because people don’t want to go now,” says Clark.

Cruise ships

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“The cruises don’t say, but I imagine there will be attractive cruise deals this fall if you’re into cruising,” says Clark. Before booking, I advise you to research the cruise’s refund policy to make sure the company has provisions to either offer its customers their return money or credit for future voyages.


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As airlines and cruise ships have serious demand problems, now is the time to take advantage of the offers to travel this fall. If you have analyzed the risks and considered that you can travel safely, Clark says “you will get excellent costs now for many places in the world, not necessarily Florida, the Caribbean or Mexico, but any place is practically a good proposal.” If you plan to travel internationally, make sure you:

  • Confirm that your passport will remain valid (Note: some places consider an invalid passport long before the actual expiration date).
  • Visit the US State Department website for travel advice for the nation you will be visiting.
  • Read the CDC website for travel guidance.