The Biden Administration criticizes the reelection of Nayib Bukele and warns that it “damages” the relationship with the United States

The Biden Administration criticizes the reelection of Nayib Bukele and warns that it “damages” the relationship with the United States
President Nayib Bukele may be re-elected in 2024.

The actions of the President of El Salvador, Nayib bukele, they reached a new critical point for the United States, by pushing his re-election, after achieving a reform and evading the Constitution of El Salvador with the support of the Supreme Court, which had already been reorganized to favor the president.

The relationship between the Bukele government and that of the president Joe biden It has been getting complicated little by little since the first one traveled unannounced to Washington, DC last January to try to have a meeting with the Democratic president, without having made a request through diplomatic channels.

However, what has alerted the Biden Administration was the control of Congress and the judicial system that Bukele achieved and now allows him to lead the way to his re-election in 2024.

“A fundamental principle of democracy are the three branches of government, so a weakening of the independence of the judiciary is a sign of a democracy in decline in El Salvador,” he said. Jean Manes, responsable Department of the US Embassy in the Central American country. “This decline in democracy damages the bilateral relationship that the United States strives to have with the government of El Salvador.“.

Manes refers to the decision of the Constitutional Chamber of the Salvadoran Supreme Court, which endorsed the approval of the reforms for re-election.

The United States government condemns the decision taken on September 3 by the Salvadoran Constitutional Chamber, ”the diplomat said on Twitter. “This decision allows immediate presidential reelection and is clearly contrary to the Salvadoran constitution which states that immediate reelection is not allowed.”

Manes adds that the recent decision of the Salvadoran Court is part of the actions pushed by Bukele and his New Ideas party to control the Legislative Assembly and approve changes in the judicial system, including in the Highest Court.

“This ruling is the direct result of the May 1 decision of the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly to unconstitutionally remove the acting magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber and install loyal replacements to the Executive Branch,” he lamented. “This demonstrates a clear strategy to undermine judicial independence and remove a key counterweight to the executive branch.”

The decision of the Constitutional Chamber in El Salvador argued that it accepted the re-election, since the Constitution “responds to the needs of 20, 30, 40 years ago.”

An elected president in El Salvador can serve for five years, so Bukele could do it for 10 years if he wins in 2024, but the president even advanced an alliance between opposition parties to stop him.

On Twitter there are those who considered that Bukele’s intentions had time to forge, since a photograph published in December 2020, the president looks like president as an older adult.

The new US marking of the government in El Salvador complicates the plan that Vice President Kamala Harris is promoting in the Northern Triangle with significant support from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to try to stop irregular immigration.

Vice President Harris has not visited El Salvador or Honduras, two nations with questioned governments, the first for authoritarian tendencies and the second for issues related to drug trafficking.

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