“The Black Phone” ending explained: A call from beyond

The Black Phone It’s finally in theaters horror movie brings together Ethan Hawkedirector Scott Derrickson and producer Jason Blum for another spooky supernatural tale, the latest of which is Sinister.

Blending a haunting serial killer storyline with haunted house tropes, The Black Phone creates a unique horror story filled with shocking revelations and unexpected twists.

So if you want to know exactly what happens at the end of The Black Phone, AmericanPost.News is here to wrap up all the main events and explain how it all comes together in a macabre way.

What is the movie “The Black Phone” about?

Explanation of the end of “The Black Phone”: A call from beyond.

There are a lot of different people doing their thing during The Black Phone. First, we have Hawke’s Grabber, a serial killer with an unhealthy taste for young children who has already kidnapped and killed at least three children by the time the movie opens.

The Black Phone quickly shows the Grabber snatching two more victims until he picks Finney (Mason Thames) as his sixth target. The film primarily follows Finney’s struggle to escape from the Grabber’s basement, a soundproof prison where the previous children were held by the psychopath.

While escape seems impossible at first, Finney soon discovers that he can receive calls from the ghosts of Grabber’s previous victims on an unplugged black phone.

Each of Grabber’s victims tried to escape from the basement using a different method and they are all eager to share what they learned with Finney. Unfortunately, every time Finney tries to escape, he fails like the previous victims.

Individual knowledge of the victims is not enough to escape Grabber’s trap. But when combined, all the tools Finney gets from his ghost allies can be assembled to allow the boy to fight for his life and take down the serial killer.

Explanation of the end of “The Black Phone”: A call from beyond.

The first ghost Finney contacts is Bruce (Tristan Pravong), who shows where there is a loose tile on the floor from which it is possible to access the land below. Finney tries to fight his way out of his cell, but the process is too slow to be effective.

Billy (Jacob Moran) then reveals that he has hidden a long wire in the slot between the wall and the floor, which Finney could use to hook it to the grate covering the basement’s only window and climb out. The grate, however, falls under Finney’s weight.

So, it’s time for Griffin (Repeta Banks) to reveal the code to the lock that protects the front door of the Grabber’s house (it turns out to be the lock on his bike). Finney makes it to the street, but the serial killer drags him back to the basement.

The last escape route is revealed by Vance (Brady Hepner), who shows Finney how to punch a hole in the wall to access a large freezer. Finney unscrews a metal plate at the back of the freezer, but this route is also blocked as the freezer doors are locked from the outside.

When all escape plans have failed, Finney’s best friend and last victim before Finney, Robin (Miguel Cazarez Mora), shows up to say that fighting the Grabber is the only way to get out alive.

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Explanation of the ending of “The Black Phone”

Explanation of the end of “The Black Phone”: A call from beyond.

Robin teaches Finney how to use the black phone as a weapon by filling the phone with the dirt he dug up earlier. Robin walks Finney through a phone move to make sure he’ll take down the Grabber, but for good measure, she decides to set him up too.

Using Billy’s cable and the bolts from the freezer, Finn prepares to make the Grabber fall into the hole he dug in the ground. When the decisive moment arrives, the Grabber goes down to the cellar with an ax in his hands, followed by Samson, his bloodthirsty dog.

The Grabber ties Samson up near the door to prevent Finney from escaping, approaching the boy with the ax in his hands. Finney hits the Grabber with the black phone receiver and runs from the serial killer.

When Grabber tries to chase Finney, the boy pulls on the wire. The Grabber falls into the hole and breaks his foot on the grate that is hiding at the bottom. Finney takes the opportunity to punch the Grabber repeatedly before strangling the serial killer with the black phone line.

Before the serial killer dies, the black phone rings one last time, only for Grabber to hear the voices of the children he killed as he takes his last breaths. Finally, as Finney tries to escape from Grabber’s basement, his sister, Gwen (Madeleine McGraw), tries to help with the police investigation. Just as Finney can talk to ghosts, Gwen is also blessed (and cursed) with supernatural sensibilities.

The young woman has dreams about the future and, night after night, tries to find new clues about where the Grabber is holding her brother. That’s a dangerous assignment, as her father, Terrence (Jeremy Davies), is a violent alcoholic willing to beat up Gwen until he learns to keep her powers.

Explanation of the end of “The Black Phone”: A call from beyond.

Despite her fear of her father’s punishment, Gwen continues to search her dreams for clues to Grabber’s house. At the end of The Black Phone, the girl leads the police to an abandoned house. Once they are investigating the place, the police find a basement with six graves, one of them empty. It is in the basement of this empty house that Grabber left the bodies of his victims, and the open grave was waiting for Finney.

Just as the police investigate the infamous basement, Finney walks out the front door of the house across the street. Turns out Grabber owned both houses. His main home was where he kept his victims while they lived so he could play his sick games with poor children. The other house, empty, was only used to safely dispose of bodies.

Finney walks out of his prison, still in shock after killing the Grabber. The first person he sees is his sister, who runs in his direction and captures him in a hug. His father arrives at the scene a little later, when the two brothers are being treated in an ambulance.

Seeing Finney alive, Terrence falls to his knees and apologizes for the way he treated his children and his unique abilities. Hopefully, the event will motivate Terrence to give up alcohol and become a better father. As for Finney, he becomes a legend in his school as the fierce boy who killed the evil Grabber.

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