The boos continue in Mexico: ‘Cata’ Domínguez and Rafael Baca punished by Cruz Azul’s fans in the Azteca

Photo: Saul Perales / Imago7

All the love for Cruz Azul was at the Azteca Stadium to experience a new victory for the team against Mazatlán. However, all the fans who gathered at the sports venue also took on the task of booing Julio Cesar Dominguez and Rafael Baca, Machine players who do not have the approval of their followers.

The two elements began with the commitment from the bench, and when the head coach, Raúl ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez, entered the field of play, the fans’ reaction was immediate, showing their annoyance with the players.

Baca was the first to enter the field of play, he did it at minute 75 by Ignacio Rivero and from the moment he approached the white line. The boos were heard at the Azteca.

Subsequently, Cata, who replaced Ramiro Funes Mori, was also booed. Together, the “outside Cata” known in recent days in Mexico was also heard.

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In the same vein, when either of them touched the ball, the reaction was the same, thus being many shouts against him were heard in the sports arena. Furthermore, this idea has also been seen on social networks, so much so that they are looking for their way out on digital platforms.

Matches that Cruz Azul has left in the 2022 Opening of Liga MX

Cruz Azul still has nine points to play for, which is why ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez’s cement team will have three essential finals in Mexico, which are against Club León, Pumas UNAM, and Chivas de Guadalajara, thus being very complicated commitments, but not impossible for a sky-blue team that still has hope of staying alive.