“The boss wants to meet him”, the moment of terror that Mauricio Ochmann lived with a drug trafficker

A few years ago the American actor Mauricio Ochmanplayed to “The Chem” in the acclaimed Telemundo series “The Lord of the heavens”, starring the Mexican Rafael Amaya. Later, due to the success of his character, he had his own series.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel, he narrated that his character led him to have a meeting with a “heavy” drug traffickerliving a few moments of dread, because he simply could not refuse to greet that person.

“They intercepted me on a highway, I think whoever was driving knew, they were taking me to an event from one place to another, they intercepted me, after passing two or three checkpoints he told me: ‘I’m going to gas'”, he said. the ex-husband of actress Aislinn Derbezeldest daughter of actor and television producer Eugenio Derbez.

Mauricio Ochmann, 44 years old, recalled that a person arrived, knocked on the window of the door and let him know: “‘the boss wants to meet you’ And I said: ‘well, no way, let’s meet the boss'”.

The film, theater and television actor, former brother-in-law of José Eduardo Derbez, got out of the vehicle in which he was traveling. “I promise you, I didn’t take more than 25 steps and suddenly, (arrive) seven, eight trucks, really give them, the boss gets off: ‘Chema’ (he told him), he gives me a hug, I eat a palm tree , It was like ‘tell us who you are and such'”.

Despite the panic he had at the time, he mentioned that fortunately these people behaved very well.

I didn’t know who he was, suddenly I googled and said: ‘oh, listen to this guy, he’s heavy’, then I see about two three months later, I see a news item where they had killed him.

Given this, the boyfriend of the model and TV host Paulina Burrola thought: “‘Imagine if that dispute (where the drug trafficker died) had occurred that day (when he met him)’, if there are things that shake you, it is ours. reality”.

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On the other hand, he commented that felt bad when some children who were his fans, They stated that when they grew up, they wanted to be like “Chema”. At that moment “I felt twenty, the experience I had with the children that I said: ‘I think I’m doing something wrong and I think we have social responsibility’. I do like acting and I know that as an actor you give different messages, the message that we are sending is half crooked, we are not saying ‘hey, this life is cannon'”.