The boxer and former Puerto Rican champion, Juan Manuel López is arrested for gender violence

The boxer and former Puerto Rican champion, Juan Manuel López is arrested for gender violence

The former Puerto Rican boxer Juan Manuel “Juanma” López, a two-time world champion, surrendered to the authorities and was subsequently arrested on Tuesday night, after his ex-partner, Andrea Ojeda Cruz, accused him of gender violence, the local Justice Department reported.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Caguas, a neighboring municipality to San Juan, is preparing to file charges against the former world champion for allegedly attacking Andrea Ojeda Cruz, who made the accusations on his social networks with photos and videos, alleging that he received several punches from the ex-gun.

“We are interviewing Andrea. As usual in this type of process, we have to take into account his emotional health and what he has been through “Caguas District Attorney Aracelis Pérez Correa explained in a press release from the Department of Justice.

“We have already offered him support services from a victim assistance technician, among others, provided by the Department of Justice’s Office of Crime Witness Victim Services and Compensation. I understand that tomorrow – Wednesday – we will be in a position to file, “he added.

During the night of Tuesday, the prosecution continued collecting evidence and coordinating possible interviews with witnesses with the collaboration of the Domestic Violence Division of the Police Criminal Investigation Corps.

Pérez Correa confirmed that the former boxer, who was arrested upon arrival at the Police Headquarters in Caguas, determined to remain silent on the recommendation of his lawyer.

The young woman publicly denounced that the former athlete has alcoholism problems and had previously beaten, strangled and grabbed her “private parts”, so she decided to end her relationship with him.

Ojeda Cruz also indicated that on other occasions he had tried to sue, but he gave up thinking about his children and so as not to harm the public image of the former champion.

In November 2015, the expugile was accused of assault by his then wife, Geraldine Crespo, but was released after posting bail.

López was champion in the super bantamweight (122 pounds or 55 kilos) and featherweight divisions (126 pounds or 57 kilos) from the World Boxing Organization. n

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