The boxer’s mother-in-law passes away

  • They report that the Mexican boxer and his family are in mourning
  • Through social networks, Chávez’s wife released the sad news
  • “We love you and I know you will take care of us,” wrote Myriam Escobar on Instagram

The Chávez Escobar family is in mourning after the painful loss of the mother of Myriam Escobar, the wife of Julio César Chávez. Through social networks Escobar released the unfortunate news; she mentions that her mother will finally be resting in peace and that that was something that kept her at peace.


On Instagram he published photographs and videos, where the lady is living with the rest of the family and even a video where she is dancing with “The legend of boxing” celebrating what seems to be her birthday. Friends, colleagues and relatives sent their condolences to the family, hoping they can find peace.

Julio César Chávez lost: They report the death of the lady

Julio César Chávez lost: They report the death of the lady
Photo: Instagram

Three days after the birthday of the boxer’s wife, he receives terrible news. It was Myriam Escobar, who gave notice of the death of her mother, who was already of advanced age but still was a total surprise; She wrote on her social networks that she was at peace and that she knew that she could rest next to her loved ones who had already left before.

Nicole Chávez, the only daughter of that marriage, quickly made herself present in the comments of that photograph. Like his friends, family and followers, who have not hesitated to express their affection for the wife of ‘The legend of boxing’, sending her their deepest condolences and their prompt resignation to overcome that loss. Filed Under: Julio César Chávez Loss

Julio César Chávez lost: “My old lady has already rested”

Julio César Chávez lost: "My old lady has already rested"
Photo: Instagram

He announced the news of his mother’s death, commenting that his ‘old lady’ was already resting as he said affectionately, posting different photographs where the lady appears with the other members of her family, as well as with her daughter and her grandchildren. . The woman’s departure was unexpected news for the family.

“My old lady is already resting and I know that you are happy with your children, your parents, siblings and all your friends.” From what she told on Instagram, she and her mother were very close and the news came at a time when she was out of the country. Filed Under: Julio César Chávez Loss

Julio César Chávez lost: “You took advantage of the fact that he was not there”

Julio César Chávez lost: "You took advantage of the fact that he was not there"
Photo: Instagram

The woman confessed that she believed that her mother had died during her trip to New York, so that she would not suffer more and see her sad; For that reason, she promised him that she would not be sad any longer than necessary and that she would be at peace for the well-being of her family and herself.

“You took advantage of the fact that he was not there, because you did not want him to be sad and he will be.”, Reads the Instagram post that he dedicated in honor of his mother, assuring him that he will not remain sad since he knew that it was something that his mother would not have allowed and I did not want to fail him in that request. Filed Under: Julio César Chávez Loss

Julio César Chávez lost: “I know you will take care of us”

Julio César Chávez lost: "I know you will take care of us"
Photo: Instagram

Chávez’s wife mentioned in her publication that she is aware that you will take care of them and that the only thing she can say is that they will always love her. Myriam Escobedo, did not inform about the details of the death, nor the causes of death, much less where the funeral services would be.

“We love you and I know you will take care of us. Rest in Peace, mother. ”, Ended the message he wrote on that social network, informing his followers about the loss that the family was going through at that time and that without a doubt, it would mark the members of that family for the closeness they had with the woman. Filed Under: Julio César Chávez Loss

Julio César Chávez lost: “This is how I will remember you”

Julio César Chávez lost: "This is how I will remember you"
Photo: Instagram

Later, he published a video on social networks where the woman is shown in a chair with her walker but dancing with Julio César Chávez. In the background, you can hear the mariachis sing a ‘Suavecito’ and the family celebrate; Myriam commented in the video that she shared that in that way she wanted to remember her mother and that others did too.

“That is how I will remember you mother, wanting to even dance old lady and that is how I want you to feel happy, already with God.” mother and her family. In a second snapshot, she appears surrounded by her grandchildren. Filed Under: Julio César Chávez Loss

The messages they left on social networks

The messages they left on social networks
Photo: Instagram

When announcing the news, the messages of affection and condolences were immediate. The followers of Chávez’s wife have been attentive to what he publishes, letting him know that they are counting on them and that they regret the loss of his mother, but that they know that he is with God and that he will soon have resignation.

“Very sorry. God give prompt resignation to his family. “,” I send you a hug. “,” DEP .. I send you a hug Mrs. Myriam! “,” My condolences, strength and resignation. “,” U hug friend, that your mom is already in a better place. Blessings ”,“ I’m so sorry, a hug. ”,“ DEP! Blessings and prompt resignation !! Hug Myriam! ”, Reads the publication posted by Myriam Escobedo.

A weekend of losses

Poncho Denigris family death: "I like to show my emotions"
Photo: Instagram

Poncho Denigris, also announced that he was very sad for the loss of a relative. He commented that he always liked to show how he felt to his followers and this time he had to hide it; for that reason, it is recorded while he is drinking from a glass and listening to a song by the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.

The influencer recorded the video from inside his vehicle, while telling his followers on social networks the reason why he was extremely sad. He decided to tell the reason why he played the song “Life goes on the same”, which is one of his favorites when he is going through an extremely difficult time.

A bad moment

Poncho Denigris family death: "I like to show my emotions"
Photo: Instagram

Poncho starts the video by commenting that he is quite sad. He commented that his family was going through a hard time and being faithful to the followers on his social networks, he decided to share the news that he was in a very bad mood; Denigris mentions that he wants to be honest and show himself at all times, not just the ‘good parts of his day to day’.

I’m having a bad time. I like to show all my emotions, when I am sad, angry, happy. ”, The Mexican is heard saying to the camera of his cell phone, while his eyes are red from crying. In the background, the voice of the Spanish singer does not stop reproducing and he seems to be in a very bad moment.

He felt bad for his wife

Poncho Denigris family death: "For Marcela"
Photo: Instagram

The singer, actor and influencer, mentioned that he is going through a loss in his family. He mentions that it is someone close to his wife’s grandfather and that the family is very sad because the man was left a widower and Marcela was very close to his grandfather’s wife; for this reason he also feels sad.

Today I am sad for Marcela’s grandfather, he was left a widower, alone. For Marcela, ”Denigris says in the clip he shared on social networks, while shedding a couple of tears after announcing the loss they experienced. It seems that he and Marcela were very attached to the person who left, so he did not want his loss to go unnoticed.

“For a loved one”

Poncho Denigris family death: "For a loved one"
Photo: Instagram

He points out that in those moments of absolute sadness, the only song he likes to put on is one by Iglesias due to its special meaning. For that reason, in his car he listens at full volume while he recounts the loss suffered by his wife’s grandfather and that the family was grieving.

I always play this song when a loved one dies. Because it says… ‘Life goes on the same, ‘”the Mexican influencer announced to social networks, making a confession to his followers about the important meaning that the song has for him and how valuable it is in the moments of sadness that afflict him.

“Turn it around”

Poncho Denigris family death: "Turn it around"
Photo: Instagram

But, wanting to leave the sadness for another moment at the end of the song, he reminds his audience that they must turn the ‘page’ and get on with life. The singer is not the first time that he has suffered a pain as deep as losing a loved one, so he mentions that it is important to continue living and remember people with good times.

Well, let’s turn the page. ”Denigris told his followers. After that, he wiped off the remaining tears and put on his sunglasses, to finish the clip that he shared through his Instagram Stories; Several of his followers expressed themselves on social networks, sending him their love.

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