The Boys season 3, its trailer has left great expectations

the new trailer from the third season of “TheBoys”has allowed know details of this installment, one of them is that billy butcherthe leader of the protagonist gang, will have superpowers.

the misadventures of the antiheroes and the Patriot continue, as well as his confrontation against “Vought”, the preview allowed us to see what the new suit will be like from the hero “A-Train”in which is a bit particular.

Fans of the series “The Boys” were surprised to discover that this new installment joins “The Soldier Boy”Who the parody” the “Captain America”the trailer leave an expectation for the novelties, as well as for keeping that bloody style and humorous that characterizes the series.

More details about the trailer for “The Boys”

More details about the trailer of the series The name of the superheroes of The Boys

It was through the YouTube channel of Amazon Prime Videowhich could be seen the third season trailer of “The Boys”, which will reach the platform next June 3, 2022.

next to the topic “bones”of the group “Imagine Dragons”have decided to show what they have prepared for this third installment, which will include new heroesas well as its recognized violent scenes and full of bloodas well his sarcastic tone.

What are the names of the superheroes in The Boys?

The name of the superheroes of The Boys

According to the information, the superheroes by TheBoys They are Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, A-Train, Starlight, Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher.

Through AmericanPost.News We also inform you that The Boys spin-off “Diabolical” is canon for season 3 of the series.

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