The bright future that awaits Kun Agüero after retiring from football

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On December 15, the world of football watched sadly as one of the great strikers in history left the pitch: Sergio “Kun” Agüero made the decision to leave the sport he loves due to heart failure that he had it for several months without being able to play.

Hired by Joan Laporta’s new project at FC Barcelona for the 2021-2022 season, Agüero was called to be the protagonist in an opaque Barcelona forward, but He could only play just four games and score a goal, coincidentally a symbolic goal for Barça’s greatest rival Real Madrid in the Spanish classic.

In England his presence marked a before and after. Upon leaving the British Isles, several records remained with him, in addition to the impressive record he achieved with Manchester City.

Among the individual statistics he won are:

While Kun assimilates with his family how his life changed in three months due to a health condition, football fans want to know what he will do with his life and what he will do.

“I will continue associated with football, surely. I am calm, I will not do anything for a while “

Sergio Aguero

Electronic sports

The rise of electronic sports is absolute and in the midst of the pandemic they have not grown even more. Sportsmen of the stature of Gerard Piqué (KOI), Álvaro Morata (Ramboot Club), Carlos Henrique Casemiro (Case eSports) are just a few who have founded teams in these new trends.

Agüero does not escape from this reality. Known for his love of video games and broadcasting on the social platform Twitch (where he is followed by more than 3 million people around the world), created that June 2020 the Krü Esports club, which due to its results is shaping up to be one of the most outstanding in the coming months.

Club advisor

Many players when they retired went on to fulfill roles in their clubs as “advisers”. Very successful cases such as Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini or Johan Cruyff are remembered.

European media assure that the same day that the Argentine announced his retirement, from England Manchester City contacted him to join their squad of sports advisers in terms of signings and recruitment of talent. The Laporta board of directors would also have offered him to continue linked to Barcelona in the same position, although they left the decision to him for the future.

However, the 33-year-old former player will continue to think about whether to start immediately from the offices of European teams and see from the VIP stands every game that on weekends he played and was the protagonist.

Agüero’s fortune

Kun Agüero was always characterized by move huge amounts of money since he made his debut in his native Argentina with Independiente on July 5, 2003. Upon leaving the club that formed him, he left $ 25 million in the coffers.

When billionaire Manchester City bet on him in 2011 he paid Atlético de Madrid $ 40 million. The business came out to the ‘citizens’ since in the 10 seasons he was with them generated more than $ 100 million in advertising, t-shirt sales and marketing.

Kun is on the list of the 80 richest athletes on the planet according to Forbes magazine, with an estimated number above $ 20 millionThis is enough for him and his family to live in peace for the next few years.

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