The casting of Nuestra Belleza Latina de Univision, presented by Alejandra Espinoza, begins

Nuestra Belleza Latina program begins search for next Univision personality this Sunday, September 26. That is to say the casting for the beauty pageant officially begins from this date.

The premiere episode will feature diverse talented women from across the country; presented by Alejandra Espinoza And with a first-rate panel of judges, the show premieres at 8 pm ET / PT (7 CT). Special programming includes “Our Latin Beauty The Reunion” on PrendeTV and “Salt and pepper“After each gala.

Univision begins the search for its next television personality in the 12th season of “Nuestra Belleza Latina”, its longest running and most popular reality competition. The new program, which is part of the “Sundays with the Family“, Premieres in Univision this Sunday, September 26 at 8 pm ET / PT (7 CT).

Our Latin Beauty”Begins its most diverse season to date with a group of women, of all ages and different backgrounds, who have put their personal and professional lives on hold to pursue their dream of becoming Univision’s next star. The journey will not be easy for these contestants, who know they will have to overcome many challenges to succeed in the most demanding job interview on television. Selected from a group of more than 6,000 women who participated in virtual castingsThe talented hopefuls have prepared like never before, some even studying past seasons of the popular show, to impress the judges and wow audiences with their unique talents. Some will sing, some will dance, some will tell monologues, among many more skills. In the end, only ten will enter the mansion Our Latin Beauty for a chance to fulfill your dream.

The panel of judges for list A includes the presenter and model Daniella Alvarez placeholder image, the star of Univision Giselle Blondet, the personality of Univision and presenter of “Salt and pepperJomari goyso, and the television host and comedian Adal Ramones. The beloved personality of Univision, Alejandra Espinoza, returns to “Nuestra Belleza Latina” as presenter, and Gabriel Coronel will bring the latest updates from the backstage.

What’s more, Amara La Negra, singer, model and actress, will be the “Mansion Host“, And the current winner of NBL, Migbelis Castellanos, will be the digital reporter.

To prepare for this new season of “Nuestra Belleza Latina ”, fans can watch the special“ NBL El Reencuentro ”, with previous contestants and show judges, on the free advertising-supported streaming service of Univision, PrendeTV. Fans can access the three-episode show in the section On Demand on “Specials“.

The entertainment news program of Univision “Sal y Pimienta”, presented by Jomari goyso and Lourdes stephen, returns and will air after each gala with a summary of the best moments and the latest news for NBL.

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