The CDC is monitoring 6 possible cases of monkeypox in the US.

Monkeypox symptoms are shown on a patient’s hand on May 27, 2003.

Photo: Courtesy CDC/Getty Images

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are closely monitoring recent clusters of monkeypox infections around the world and possible cases in the United States.

At the moment, The CDC reported that they are monitoring 6 people in the United States for possible monkeypox infections, after what sat near an infected traveler who had symptoms during a flight from Nigeria to the UK, beginnings of May.

Separately, CDC officials are also investigating a confirmed case of monkeypox in a man in Massachusetts who had recently traveled to Canada. And the New York City Department of Health is investigating a possible infection in a patient currently at Bellevue Hospital.

“The Health Department’s Public Health Laboratory will conduct preliminary tests which, if positive, will be sent to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for confirmatory testing,” the health department said. of New York in a press release on Thursday.

Recent monkeypox infections have been identified in several other regions of the world where the virus is not usually common, including Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Northern Ireland, and Spain.

Monkeypox, a viral disease, is rare in the United States and the virus does not occur naturally in the nation, according to the CDC.

But cases have been identified that were associated with international travel or the importation of animals from areas where the disease is more common.

After the virus jumps from an animal to a human, person-to-person transmission of monkeypox can occur when a person encounters the virus through direct contact with: large respiratory droplets, bodily fluids, or injuries to the skin.

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