The Chernobyl fish: the discovery of mutant fish with 4 eyes, 2 mouths, and 2 heads causes astonishment in Ukraine [video]

A group of fishermen in the waters of northern Ukraine were very surprised when they checked their nets and found a “mutant” fish due to the number of malformations the animal had.

Someone photographed the fish and uploaded the image to the Internet, which quickly went viral, as it can be seen that the fish has 4 eyes, 2 mouths, and 2 heads.

It was also reported that the strange fish was found in the Chernobyl area, right where the largest nuclear accident in history took place. Many do not rule out that the creature was affected by radiation, and now it is being evaluated whether the water where it appeared still contains toxic waste from the plant.

The animal has already been baptized as a “Chernobyl fish” and provoked the curiosity of several scientists. Some claim that the second mouth could just be an old wound that did not heal completely.

Many radiation-induced mutations lead to reduced growth, survival, and fertility. Mutants like that don’t usually live long enough to develop that much,” explained Timothy Mousseau, a University of South Carolina scientist, about the fish’s origin.

The professor pointed out that the level of radiation in the lake’s water needs to be assessed before blaming the nuclear disaster. He added that animals usually affected by this do not live long because they do not display some cognitive functions.

“Without properly controlled experiments, it is almost impossible to say with certainty what the cause could be unless such a mutation has been observed at other radioactive sites. This is one of the reasons we looked at both Chernobyl and Fukushima,” the expert concluded.

The environmental authorities are looking for other similar findings in the area. The fish will continue to be analyzed and compared with other creatures deformed by radiation.